Dark Souls III preview – ‘everything is designed to kill you’

The creator of Bloodborne returns to the series that made his name, but is Dark Souls III a better game than the first sequel?

It’s interesting how Dark Souls II’s reputation has slowly eroded over the last year or so. When first released we, along with most others, considered it a worthy sequel to the ground-breaking original. But over time its world and monsters have lingered far less prominently in our memory than the first game, with the release of sister title Bloodborne only emphasising the deficiencies in terms of set pieces and more intricate level design. But we now have every hope that Dark Souls III will return the series to its former glory.

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DarkOcelet1246d ago

This game will definitely be a GOTY contender. 2016 is looking better and better.

Sly-Lupin1246d ago

In general, there's just something really scummy about FROM's policy of closed-door gameplay demos that makes me really ****ing skeptical about their games.

And, folks, please keep in mind that FROM has certainly managed to run series into the ground before, so there's no guarantee DS3 will be any good. Just look at what they did to the once-great Armored Core series.

joab7771246d ago

I would agree bit they did the same thing w/ Bloodborne and many ppl wondered about that game. Then, they announced its release just 9 months later, it starting getting a ton of showings and everything was great.

I was actually happy when they said it was 30 fps b/c I figured it would get the graphics and detail love that BB got, but this preview says that it looks alright. DS2 SotS looked alright for next gen, but I want a DS game looking like BB.

Also, It's kinda weird that Miyazaki is doing this. Hes only ever worked on the new IPS and I figured he would start something new while this is made. Unless that team is doing BB dlc or BB2.

Sly-Lupin1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

Uh... no.

I guess you can call Demons Souls/Dark Souls/Bloodborne different IPs, but they're different in name only. They all very clearly share the same lineage.

And prior to working on Demon's Souls, Miyazaki was the director for Armored Core 4 Answer (the last good AC game) and Armored Core 4; he also worked on Armored Core: Last Raven (the second-to-last good AC game), which was something like the 5th or 6th game in the AC series.

EDIT: interestingly enough, the big draw for Souls games is fighting giant bosses... this, too, was the big draw in 4 Answer.