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Immorals941d ago

Well that was unexpected.

Been wanting to play this game ages, but don't know anyone who has a Wii U

donwel941d ago

It's a good game, might have benefited from being a bit longer though. Definitely worth a play though if you have (or plan on getting) a WiiU and can get it on the cheap, which by now you should be able to.

subtenko941d ago


Who else deosnt really have an interest in this besides me? PS4 is getting H1Z1 (im already playing on PC) and Xbox One and pc has Day Z... and then you got the dead island series, and possible a L4D sequel. Overkills TWD, Telltale TWD.... Resident evil..

Just wondering if anyone else feels the same way

TFJWM941d ago

@Subtenko if you are interested in zombie games why would you not be interested in a good one you haven't played?

kickerz940d ago

What will they call it now?? Zombie4 and ZombieOne lol

freshslicepizza941d ago

i wonder if they will be using supportive devices to create that gamepad gameplay?

XisThatKid941d ago

Doubt it on PS4 you have touch pad and speaker on controller or Vita or tablet support and X1 has Kinect. This game won't suffer too much from making the jump.

jcnba28941d ago

The game will be severely downgraded without the gamepad support.

andresegr941d ago

The game is actually a downgrade from games like Dying Light.

deadpoolio316941d ago

The game was downgraded by being on the Wii U....It was good, but would have benefited from better hardware, and not relying on a gimmick like the gamepad...

BTW a PS4 controller would work just fine as a substitute as it has a touchpad and a speaker, so there's your backpack and listening to the prepper guy....

The gamepad sincerely is a stupid gimmick, at no point in a game should you ever have to take your eyes off the screen to look at another screen...The only really great feature it has is being able to play some games on it

fathertime1980941d ago

@deadpolio obviously you've never played it if your going to make a comment like that. The gamepas mase the experience. Without it the game would have just been resident evil

jholden3249941d ago

Exactly. It'll still be a good game but what really made it shine was the game pad.

I still can't wrap my mind around random Internet comments saying the gamepad is a gimmick, most likely by people who have never even held one in their hands. What part about extra features is a gimmick? It's okay for the PS4 to have Gyro controls, accelerometers, touchpad, but I controller that actually has something useful like a second screen... That's a gimmick. Wow

clouds5940d ago

@deadpolio: hmm I cannot agree. I think you should never be forced to push the map/inventory button every 5 seconds (often with a 1-2 sec loading time) that takes you out of the experience.

I would love to play the witcher 3 with the wii u gamepad for example. It's made for open world titles, sadly the wii u hardware could not handle the witcher 3 :p

mcstorm940d ago

I enjoyed the game but I also dint think this game would be as enjoyable without the wiiu game pad. Be interesting to see how its done one the ps4 and Xbox one. If anything they should of just made a 2nd game rather than try and put it on the Xbox one and ps4. I also think they should of done a 2nd for the wiiu too as it did not sell that bad on the wiki when you work out the install base the wiiu had when it came out.

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pcz941d ago

another day and one less reason to own a wiiu

but in all honesty, the game will be redundant on other systems that have the likes of resident evil anyway.

why would anyone want this game now?

AfroGear941d ago

The ambulance is coming! Wii U! Wii U! Wii U!

kydrice941d ago

Nintendo knows, that's why the NX is coming. Depending on how that goes, Nintendo could end up going the way of Sega in the future.

jholden3249941d ago

You guys can't seriously be that ignorant can you?

I still see about a dozen games on the way, every last one of them another reason to own a Wii U. I really thought people who enjoy playing video games would be more interested in seeking out fun experiences they're missing.

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t0mmyb0y941d ago

Was a GREAT start to the WiiU. They def needed more like that but kind of Nintendoed it once again. smh

oasdada941d ago

Lol was talking about this game the other day and how i expected it to land on other consoles.. a tad bit late but waddaya know lol

blackblades941d ago

Yeah, but kinda reminds me of back then on the wii some of the wii exclusive games ended on playstation.

Segata941d ago

Just don't see how it will work without the Gamepad.

bradleejones941d ago

I agree. It is pretty cool with the gamepad.

XisThatKid941d ago

Not really for me. Kinda seen this one coming

Khajiit86941d ago

Yeah this is 1 game I would have bought if I had a WiiU. I heard (and seen on the internet) a lot of great things said. Cant wait to finally play it.

_-EDMIX-_941d ago

sorta yes and no. They stated that they would likely port it but that was years ago.

I was expecting it years prior, unexpected to see it now though. But they need to seek a return, I don't blame them.

turab941d ago

Wonder if they are going to use the same name ZombiU or take out the "U" would be funny if they change it

Azzanation941d ago

This game is actually pretty good, its a pity I never picked up an WiiU for it. Day one purchase for me.

jholden3249940d ago

850 degrees?

Are people really THAT interested in this game? I mean it's a great game and all don't get me wrong, I bought it on launch day and loved it, but 850 degrees?

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chrish1990941d ago

Given the lack of Left 4 Dead 3, I'd say this one will go down a nice treat.

dcj0524941d ago

Killing floor 2 is coming

LonDonE941d ago

Agreed, i still dont understand why Microsoft hasn't gone to valve and slapped down some cash and demanded to make left 4 dead 3 for the Xbox one as console exclusive just like the previous games? Hell to this day left 4 dead 1 and 2 are the best co op game I have played!
Spent countless hours on my 360 and then my wife got addicted to it and ended up red ringing a few 360s due to playing the first two games so much! Lol
Now I just play it on steam but I will love it if Ms adds the first two games on Xbox one within the backwards compatible list.
Then again my wife will end up hijacking my X1, still would love to see the first 2 games playable on X1 and a sequel brought to all platforms! I have allot of good friends on Psn so would love to play it with them on my ps4.

On topic this is a surprise, played the first on my wiiu but to be honest didn't like it too much, the wiiu controllers have allot of dead zone so fps games don't feel to good, I did get used to it eventually but jumping between my Consoles highlighted how bad they are!

I don't see how they will include all the motion stuff? Maybe use Kinnect? And doesn't the ps4 controller have accelerometer and gyro controls like the PS3 controller? So technically on ps4 with the touch pad it should be ok? Time will tell.

mokkeyrg2941d ago

you never know msft may have left 4 dead 3 deal just we dont know as valves and there partnership is only going to get better...

Vegamyster941d ago


You forget, Valve doesn't know how to count to 3 :p

IrisHeart941d ago

They couldn't be more different outside shooting zombies.

_-EDMIX-_941d ago

@LonDonE- " i still dont understand why Microsoft hasn't gone to valve and slapped down some cash and demanded to make left 4 dead 3 for the Xbox one"

Valve hasn't done one with them in a long time as CSGO and Portal 2 released on all 3 systems. I'm not even sure that had to do with MS as Valve stated at the time they didn't have a PS3 team and even had one of EA's teams port The Orange Box on the PS3 as that led to a pretty big controversy at the time regarding who is to blame with such a thing, the publisher for having a junk port team, or the original developer for not having someone who knew the tech, or Sony for not sending out someone to assist them or for not making a more tech friendly system. A little OT, but Valve since then has been more open to working on Sony products, even having certain features on PS3 that where not on 360 based on MS closed network. (I'm sure Sony likely sent someone out to Valve to patch things up)

Since Gabe went to that Sony E3, they haven't really been against one system or the other.

MS doesn't really have the same leverage to even pull a timed game as on both ends the deal is likely costly.

Valve gets less money years down the line if they wish to do a sequel due to the fractured install base on PS4, they also would be asking for more money as the PS4 install base is almost double that of the XONE's.

MS spending money on likely a timed game doesn't make as much sense now as spending it in house. They would have to spend MORE to have it then last gen and it would likely only be for the terms of timed. Its likely not worth the cost to MS at the moment. If we see L4D3, it will likely be on all 3 systems.

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never on n4g have i read a comment that mirrored so perfectly how i feel.

WeAreLegion941d ago

Great! I still play it on Wii U, but I'd love to earn trophies on it.

AndreR941d ago

Trophies are overrated. Never understood why games have them.

Palitera941d ago

A few reasons from someone who is not addicted to them, but really likes it:

1. Memories. Later you can check you trophy history and played games (and its completion). It has a great use for people, like me, whose memory sucks.

2. Replay value. Some trophies give directions to play the game again, for different objectives. It helps to make multiple playthroughs not boring/repetitive.
Dishonored, for instance: if you want all trophies, you'll have to play it without being detected, without killing anyone (or letting anyone unconscious die, like eaten by rats) and also raising a lot of chaos, killing lots of people.

3. Ideas for gameplay. Take a trophy for "explore all locations" or, like The Binding of Isaac's (or any roguelite) "get all items". Or kill X enemies in certain way. It gives variation for a game. Again, ideas that you might want or not to follow.

Surely, it all can be done without the trophy rewards, but, In the end, they act like checklists, incentives to play the game in ways maybe you wouldn't.

Palitera941d ago

And also trophies are a clear case of gamification, because yo dawg, they heard we like games...

FragMnTagM941d ago

In the early days of achievements/ tropies, I could see your point. But now most game developers have a good grasp on them and it helps you to do more in a game than you normally would. For instance, I just checked the achievement list for The Witcher 3 and did not know I could do some things apparently.

Sure you could just play through a game and be done with it, or you could try to get all the achievements. A lot of times they add to the game with various different ways to play.

2pacalypsenow941d ago

Trophies are the best thing that came out of last gen

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Sm00thNinja941d ago (Edited 941d ago )

Wonder what the name will be surely not Zombie U??? There going with simply zombi really?!

chrish1990941d ago

It says in the article... Zombi

Hellsvacancy941d ago

Thay can't call it Zombi, Zombi make cool music

Sm00thNinja941d ago

I acknowledged that if you read my entire comment it's just dumb like let's be creative

mokkeyrg2941d ago

Zombi definitive edition most prob lol