Metal Gear series has sold 41.2 million copies

New sales figures have revealed the Metal Gear series managed to soar past the 41 million units (as of March).

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DarkOcelet1245d ago

I expect MGSV to sell 10 millions alone. Anyway great sales for a masterpiece series. Glad I was born on this era with awesome people like KoJima .

Nyxus1245d ago

Agreed. The game is multiplatform from day one, and MGS4 managed to sell over 5 million copies on PS3 alone. This should be the best selling Metal Gear game to date (for now MGS2 still holds the record with 7 million units sold).

Mikefizzled1245d ago

My first reaction was Freddie Mercury singing 'And now you've gone and thrown it all away' from Bohemian Rhapsody.

1245d ago
Gatsu1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

Proud to be amongst those numbers and TPP will sell a lot for sure ;).
Multiplatform + lots of newcomers amazed by the trailers wanna try it too.

WizzroSupreme1245d ago

No matter how many shenanigans have surrounds MGS V, I imagine it'll be the single-best selling MGS to date just because of the "last of its kind" legacy.

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