What Romance in Mass Effect: Andromeda Could Look Like

Mass Effect: Andromeda is more than a year away, but that doesn't mean we can't speculate how romance would work in-game.

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bbad1245d ago

Sex in video games is useless and doesn't add anything to game play.It doesn't even look good.

Griever1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

Bioware will still put it in there especially the gay sex. Bioware really loves putting some man on man action in their games. Man... it is so disgusting to see a couple of hairy and burly men touching/caressing each other, kissing as they exchange saliva and lying on top of each other. Furthermore, even the women look like shemales especially in DA:I. On the other hand is Witcher 3; now that games has some seriously beautiful women...

Ratty1245d ago

I've never seen any gay sex in any Bioware game.

Maybe it's because I don't try to have sex with guys. That could be your problem.

Halo2ODST21245d ago

If you don't like gay sex, don't do it then, duh !!!

Griever1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

@One-eyed Wizard

I just presented a hypothetical scene. I didnt see any gay sex scene either. Although I did see a screenshot of Alistair and the hero in an article once... Have been scarred since then. lol I am severely creeped out whenever a male character shows any sexual advances towards my hero. Man, when that commander in DA:I (what was his name?) smiled at me and asked if I was free in the evening, when I took the "heart" dialogue by mistake, it gave me the shudders. I am really careful when selecting or skipping dialogue. Lol.

Entonations1245d ago

You have some problems you should work out buddy

Griever1245d ago


Problems? Me? Man, why is everybody turning on me for disliking homosexuality in my games? If you guys love gay sex so much and are comfortable with it then by all means enjoy it. Enough of this stupid conversation. I am out of here.

TricksterArrow1245d ago

Clearly not careful enough, since you stumbled into one. Your fault.

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KarmaV121245d ago

Speak for yourself.

The Witcher wouldn't be the same game with romance and sex. It would be a normal, boring RPG

spartanlemur1245d ago

It's not supposed to give you a hard on; it's supposed to show the relationship between two characters developing. In real life, sex is a relationship "benchmark" if you will, where a romance truly kicks off. Without it, games just seem to be immaturely avoiding it like some elephant in the room.

I mean yes, you could fade to black, but why do that? Why not show sex with artistic camera angles? Why actively avoid it except to please immature people who can't handle a little sex scene without going red faced?

And sex is not about gameplay, but story, just so you're aware.

SaveFerris1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

Unfortunately that kind of content would likely attract an Adults Only rating for the game and would have Fox News, SJW's and parents forming a lynch mob against the developers (most likely in the USA). Gamestop and Walmart may choose not to sell your game and this would all hit sales in a big way. /s

TricksterArrow1245d ago

Sad day when people think its okay to show lots of killing and gunplay over a rather tame sex scene to show character and romance progression.

jambola1245d ago

I hope the alien races are more varied in this
i think too many of them are 2 legged, 2 armed,, 2 eyes a nos and lips, needs more that aren't just like humans with slightly different heads and different colour.

Gh05t1245d ago

You do know that it is done on purpose right? I mean why is it that all aliens speak, why dont the communicate with sign language or smells... its to make them seem relatable and flow easily in a story without having to explain a ton of unnecessary actions to get to the point.

jambola1245d ago

Yeah i know that
doesn't mean i can't wish for more varied looking aliens.

chrisx1245d ago

Will they finally give us the option to have a threesome

Scatpants1245d ago

I strongly support this option.

CoLD FiRE1245d ago

If I can't have a polygamous relationship, I will consider the game to be discriminatory against people like me.

tigertron1245d ago

I just want to see what the gameplay looks like...

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