Game consoles will be dead by 2020

WildTangent Chief Executive Alex St. John, who has built WildTangent into the one of the biggest online gaming networks over the past 10 years, made the bold prediction that video game consoles will be "extinct" by 2020.

He started his talk with an image of Moses on the screen and this rapid-fire comment:

"I am going to make some outrageous claims today. And then I will attempt to substantiate them. Feel free to disagree with me. Just remember, that I am right."

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badkolo3769d ago

consoles will be dead by then for sure , at least the consoles the way we know them today will be extinct, they will move into server based games with a cheap set top box thats almost free.

Seraphim3769d ago

they'll surely try to move towards downloadable distribution. As they currently are. Less cost for them to distribute while they still charge the same price... In that sense yes, consoles how we know them might not exist. Although saying that they won't exist is a pretty idiotic comment imo...

But consoles will never be dead. You still need the hardware to sell the software. No matter which way you look at you're going to need the hardware. Be it a console, a PC w/ the proper components to run the software, or a tv w/ the components in it. And I don't really some PC or TV taking over consoles. With consoles being made more and more like PCs we could see the true merger of console and PC by 2020 but the fact remains, you still need the hardware and surely they'll still be called/considered consoles...

I'm still waiting for the Sega channel to be revamped. In such a day in age w/ internet readily available where is this generations Sega Channel? That was one of the best things about gaming on the Genesis back day. Maybe not even a Sega Channel but downloadable rentals. Downloadable gamefly rentals anyone? Cut the cost of shipping, cut having to buy the games, and get rid of the wait...

Tomdc3769d ago

i think it will be longer than 12 years


Oh no, that servered games sh*t again?

Man, we already got over centralized processing like 10 years a go, get over it. And anyway it would not be cheap hardware and bandwitch to use such a think! You´ll have to buy your machine in the future too, I know, it suckus, but you´ll still have to work in the future if you want to game.

Sorry to ruin your dreams.

wolfehound223769d ago

Well the way the game industry is growing and the amount of money it is bringing in I can't see this happening. Now of course if he means the way games are brought into the house hold then of course. There is always something bigger and better out there. I guess we will all have to wait and see.

JsonHenry3769d ago

I have been saying this for 5 years now.. and I was called a fool by everyone.

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danarc3769d ago

I think, before making assumptions like this, the next-gen consoles should be looked at, don't you think? (PS4, Xbox 3, Wii 2)

Solid_Snake6663769d ago

i dont think so as big as the industry take a second guess

HoangLow3769d ago

it wont be dead because is a money maker

BYE3769d ago

I don't think it's that simple. Making serious money with a console nowadays is really hard.

The more important factor, I think, is showing presence. And getting people acquainted to a company at a very young age. Gaming and consoles are everywhere, so that's were an electronics company would want to be.

When people get a blast out of a Sony console at a very young age, the brand Sony manifests into their brains and that might affect their purchasing decisions during their whole life.

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The story is too old to be commented.