Yu Suzuki Will Add More Funding Tiers to Shenmue III; If The Fans don’t Like it, There Won’t be a IV

Shenmue III Creator Yu Suzuki is posting an AMA on Reddit, and he gave some interesting answers on the upcoming game and the future.

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BinaryMind1249d ago

I think most people were hoping that 3 would wrap the series up. Are you telling me yet another miracle has to happen to see the long awaited conclusion to the series?

yewles11249d ago

Damage may already be done, considering how many became suspicious of the KS being a scam and all that vile, when in actuality...

The claims of Sony fully funding Shenmue 3 were wrong. Way to go, guys...

urwifeminder1249d ago

Its been so long I forgot who killed my dad and got a steady forklift job in Fukishima province moving radioactive water under the bridge, father should not have been involved in shady dealings.

MWH1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

I can't stand how different the characters look from the originals. I actually email them about this and they said these are early models and they will continue working to make them better.

I hope so.

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