Activision chief on Call of Duty’s PlayStation 4 deal, Guitar Hero’s revival & Skylanders’ vehicles

As chief executive of video game publisher Activision Publishing, he is responsible for titles that include Call of Duty, Skylanders, Destiny, and Guitar Hero.

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ScorpiusX946d ago

Minute I heard this , COD lost its need to own priority. I will just rent it.

MasterCornholio946d ago

Might as well just rent any game that has a marketing deal with Sony.

What is your problem exactly?

Its not like the deals will make the game worse on the XB1. If you like COD just buy it for the X1 and if you want to play the DLC first just buy a PS4.

NukaCola946d ago

Sony partners with Activision. Activision owns Crash Bandicoot. PS4 gets exclusive Crash Skylanders figurines. Sony says "Hey can we help fund a reboot?" E3 comes out with exclusive PS4 Crash Returns! Faces melt! Remarks complete.

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playstation4epic946d ago

This basically says that Sony outbid Microsoft, not that Microsoft dropped it contrary to many people's belief

MasterCornholio946d ago (Edited 946d ago )

Or maybe Activision was asking for too much from Microsoft.

Its understandable given the difference in install base.

freshslicepizza946d ago

i don't see the need from sony, they are already outselling the xbox one.

my focus is on activision, outside of destiny what exactly are they doing to move forward with new ip's and new ideas?

MasterCornholio946d ago

But more is always better right?

chaosx946d ago

Translated....Im still pissed MS helped respawn create Titanfall after they took all my money in court , for trying to f&*k them over when we bought Infinity ward and fired them..... God this guys a douche bag !

Whitey2k946d ago

My favourite cod is cod 1 , cod 2 , cod 3 , cod United offensive and cod world at war

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