Retro Review: Batman The Rise Of Sin Tzu

Batman: Arkham Knight is upon us, so Bagogames decided to take a look at an earlier Batman game.

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lockedongamer11216d ago

Batman: The Animated Series really did a lot for DC. Harley Quinn, multiple video games, and movies.

CorndogBurglar1216d ago

Batman: TAS did a lot for super heroes in general.

It was such a great show and way ahead of its time. Its also one of the best interpretations of Batman we've ever had on screen, and thats including all of the live action movies.

jokerman271216d ago

Yeah I wish Batman Beyond was still around!

coolbeans1216d ago

I couldn't stand this one back in the day. There was this rooftop oriented battle, think it was a boss fight, I couldn't stand.

Such a drag to get through.

jokerman271215d ago

All these old games have their troublesome issues!