Nintendo should pull out of E3 entirely

Dropping out of E3 completely and showcasing its games elsewhere would be much better than the company's present half-hearted approach.

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PlebeGamer1221d ago

Sh*t-stirring article. One presentation went bad, neglect to mention last year was one of the best in E3 history, and that the rest of Nintendo's offerings at this year's E3 were great. The NWC was amazing, and the Treehouse live was awesome.

Microsoft should have abandoned E3 forever after being murdered on stage guys. No?

Nintendo didn't even have the worst presentation this year, that dubious honor goes to EA. No article on how they should do us all a favor and pull out of Earth's atmosphere after that cancer inducing mess? Disappointing.

mikeslemonade1221d ago

Yea they take the fun out of E3. Having it pre-recorded make it less exciting and less intimate.

jcnba281221d ago

"Yea they take the fun out of E3."

Each of the big 3 have had their ups and downs at past E3's. You're just being a hater. Grow up.

pompombrum1221d ago

I thought it was the exact opposite, the pre-recording made it feel far more intimate as it gave them the chance to say what they wanted free from the pressure of a live stage. Not knocking live presentations but I can see the benefits of doing what Nintendo did even if what they showed did suck.

Sm00thNinja1221d ago

Defensive much? Jesus you take this personally. Nintendo had undoubtedly the worst E3! Microsoft did fine wtf?? Still each of the big 3 has had an atrocious E3 in their past this article is nonsense

jcnba281221d ago

Exactly so because Nintendo had a bad E3 this year they should now pull out?

Who writes these articles?

iplay1up21221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

Uh, has everyone forgotten about Microsoft XB1 reveal at E3? It is the first time I actually heard people MOAN at E3. Worst presentation ever still goes to Microsoft.

Sm00thNinja1221d ago

No divert as much as you want the hardware was still exciting there was NOTHING EXCITING ABOUT NINTENDO's E3 and those troll dance sequences in between ugh.... Microsoft had their terrible reveal. Sony had their $600 boomerang reveal. Nintendo has this complete dud to add to the list

Shnazzyone1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

It was a bad E3 compared to their blockbuster last year conference. The reality was it wasn't bad just unimpressive. They had some good announcements but for some reason they didn't do enough with Wii U. Why didn't they talk about fatal frame? Why didn't they talk about devil's third?

I mean do you really think a Platnium starfox game and Mario Luigi Paperjam were bad things to show?

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3-4-51221d ago

* Just stop people.

Some of you are trying way to hard to hate.

mii-gamer1221d ago

I don't see the logic. They failed momentously this year, but succeeded emphatically last year. If anything, we should demand them to be more consistent at E3.

I'm just going to downvote the website, because this is just clickbait garbage.

freshslicepizza1221d ago

i agree, they just had a bad e3 this year but last year was great.

nintendo made the mistake of talking about it's new system too early and now that's what everyone wants to hear. especially after seeing zelda pulled out of this years e3 and no new games for the wii u.

i like the nintendo direct videos because what it shows is nintendo. it doesn't show all the garbage microsoft and sony pull off on stage with exclusive debut or exclusive dlc. nintendo is still able to focus on what they do.

comebackkid98911221d ago

Someone sounds a little butt-hurt.

animegamingnerd1221d ago

by this logic shouldn't we no longer have EA cause all 3 of the first parties all have had plenty of bad E3's this wasn't the first time one of the first party had a bad conference and it won't be the last time we see a bad E3 from any of them.

Big_Game_Hunters1221d ago

Wrong, Everyone loves a comeback story. Success is sweetest after failure.

Last_Boss1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

Nintendo is/was too focused on capturing that DS money. The 3 great games they had sitting there begging to be displayed got kicked to the side by a boring Star Fox demo.

Fire Emblem Fates
Xenoblade Chronicles X
Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem

Liked the Paper Mario/M&L crossover. That Metroid game was the turd of E3. Me myself personally the Zelda thing was stale as well.

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