Hands-On Star Wars Battlefront - EA’s New Hope Looks to Take on Activision’s Unstoppable Force | MS

MediaStinger: "With no Battlefield launching this year, EA is banking on Star Wars to take the battle to Call of Duty this fall. We got our hands on the same multiplayer demo that was shown in EA’s trailer at their E3 media briefing and can confirm it plays just as good as it looks."

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InTheZoneAC1248d ago

pretty sure Call of Duty is slowly dying and their DLC prices have always been ridiculous for what you get.

elazz1248d ago

Modern Warfare 2 - 28m+
Black Ops - 32m+
Modern Warfare 3 - 31m+
Black Ops II - 30m+
Ghosts - 25m+
Advanced Warfare - 20m

With these kind of numbers and with the Black Ops series most popular I guess Call of Duty sales will increase again. And with the CoD pricepoints 20m is still a big success. Doesn't look like dying to me but it's slowing down.

moomoo3191248d ago

they released sales figures for AW? I thought they were hiding them b/c it wasnt very good lol

rezzah1248d ago

Battlefront will be huge, but I'm not sure if it will topple CoD, it might affect the sales to some degree.

lemoncake1248d ago

Yeah think it will do some damage to cod sales especially with Star Wars film coming out, personally I will be picking up battlefront as it looked great.

CorndogBurglar1248d ago

Cant wait to wrap up the legs of a walker in a snow speeder.

GMW1248d ago

After E3, I'm defiantly getting this game and it looks like a good replacement for the rapidly becoming 'common' COD or Battlefield. Lookalike a breath of fresh air in the first person shooter genre.