Hideo Kojima Responds to Comments About Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Being “Too Dark”

Apparently there have been comments around the internet, mentioning that the latest trailer of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain might paint too dark of a picture.

Hideo Kojima, that has recently opened the curtain of silence behind which he put himself for quite a while, responded to those comments.

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-Foxtrot1245d ago

Of all the things to comment on after his long silence.

You...Konami...WTF Happened

Christopher1245d ago

He'd probably get sued to high heaven if he talked. Good ole NDAs.

I just hope Konami is willing to sell or "loan" the IPs to other companies.

Irishguy951245d ago

For a start


Secondly, silents hills :'(

zekk1245d ago

I want zone of the enders 3 personally

christian hour1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

Yeah we're not going to hear anything about what happened until at least a year after TPP launches, Kojima could get sued for any supposed "decline in sales" that konami might point out he caused just for saying something, not to mention breaching a NDA.

Which is so dumb considering the silence from both parties has probably effected the number of people who will buy and support this game. But ceo's and Suits don't think like normal human beings so would never realise this at all. They'll blame anyone but themselves.

As for people complaining the game is too dark...

Did they even play any of the previous Metal Gear games? They always tackle extremely dark and touchy subjects, from various viewpoints from incredibly deep multi-faceted characters who also have very dark backgrounds, not to mention it explores and introduces a multitude of philosophies with an overall anti-war, anti-totalitarian message.

Of course, if these people have played previous metal gears and still think phantom pain is too dark, they're probably juveniles who only remember two things from the previous games, "Big Robots" and "A mullet with a bandana".

MrSwankSinatra1244d ago

In actuality it's really none of our business.

Dirtnapstor1244d ago

Severance package probably included his silence on the matter for a time.

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dreamoner1245d ago

Please Hideo, dumb down your game like EAware did to Dragon Age so broader audience can enjoy your game.


rezzah1245d ago

Dumb down in what way? Inquisition was my introduction to the series.

rezzah1245d ago

Why the disagrees for a legitimate question?

Stop acting with your emotions and answer the first question.

dreamoner1244d ago

Dumbed down in obvious ways; lore, combat, plus a lot of retconning. It was like a dark fantasy RPG once.

Not gonna explain everything here, but should be pretty easy to find discussions about this. Playing the first dragon age then comparing it with second/third game should be enough.

Pillsbury11245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

Kojima wants to tell the story his way, this will be his final mission.

I respect him highly as an artist.

I cannot wait for his final masterpiece.

OhMyGandhi1245d ago

Come on Kojima, we'll ask the questions, and you can just nod your head, or wink, or rub the side of the nose..We'll go over the signals soon.

Captain_Wormy1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

You monkeys knew what was coming. Kojima himself said numerous times he wanted the game to be darker and wanted to tackle on taboo themes since the very beginning.

Eonjay1245d ago

He really started it with the Beauty and the Beasts. I mean, those beautiful girls went through some crazy....

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