The Division Gets New Details from 15 Minute Interview with the Game Director

Open World Games sits down with Ryan Barnard, Game Director of The Division to ask your burning questions. Check out the video guide in the description of the YouTube video to skip ahead to the info you seek.

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jay21276d ago

OH GOD! someone type this info out cant stand that guys voice!

Zenith4k1276d ago

I was the same however this lad has been keeping me up to date with this game so fair play to him, I won't let his voice put me of this game. However do I'm looking forward to it I was also looking forward to destiny and after playing the beta I never bought it I'm not the type of gamer who does not likes going back to the same level and doing a different mission. But that's just me and that's gonna be my only worry for this game.

fanboysmackdown1276d ago

He sounds like he's talking through a cheese grater......ugh, gonna go cut out my ears now.

starchild1276d ago

I don't know why his voice bothers some of you so much.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to this game. I do need to see more and learn more about it, though, before I know for sure if I'm going to get it.

ox_ADRlAN_xo1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

Thanks for the info Robby but I need clarification on one question. It was asked about the loot drops. I believe it was stated that loot are specific to that person except in the dark zones and that person gets the loot.. So if i'm in a team of 4 and my buddy loots the box/crate and we extract it.. Does that mean it's shared between everybody or does the person who actually looted the crate get it and everybody else in the squad doesn't get anything?

KnightRobby1276d ago

Everyone gets the loot from the dark zones. You all have to place your own bag on the helicopter rope and protect the one who called the extraction. After doing this, you get the dark zone loot. But if one person opens up the dz container, everyone gets that loot. Hope this helps.

ox_ADRlAN_xo1276d ago

Yes, thanks for the prompt response. That would of been a big blow to my enthusiasm for this game if it wasn't like that but good news!

bananaboats1276d ago

I'm super excited for this game. Would've been nice to know what max lvl is and how long the beta will last.

ox_ADRlAN_xo1276d ago

Same here man! Good question. Maybe Robby can take note and find out for us. Add me on ps4 if you're looking for a loyal teammate - SGN_Adrian

tjg591275d ago

i was pumped for this game a few years ago. But as new announcements come in I'm losing interest . They need to release this sooner than later