PC Exclusives Coming Through Games For Windows Live

Kevin Unangst, Microsoft's senior director of global gaming, revealed that there will be exclusive games and content for the recently freed Games For Windows Live service, giving the PC the support it has lacked and a boost to the ailing Games For Windows brand.

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Bolts3498d ago

Nobody cares. A PC portal without mod support and dedicated server is useless. Plus all their exclusives sucks. Its gonna take more than Gears of War and a few so-so RTS to make anyone care about Live Games for Windows, this service is still hundred of miles behind Steam.

M337ING3497d ago

Yeah, because NOBODY cares about Dawn of War 2 or Fallout 3...

Charmers3498d ago

Exactly I buy everything via steam now. My last boxed game was Crysis and I won't be bothering buying boxed again. Basically put if you don't release your games on Steam you don't get my money. I love the digital distribution model that valves offers me and I couldn't give a rats about boxes or cd's.

As you can guess I won't be buying Crysis Warhead unless it is offered on steam, which is unlikely since EA want to push their own distribution client which is a clear rip off (can only download the game for 6 months). So I won't be playing Crysis I guess and we will have to listen to Crytek moaning and whinging about piracy.

M337ING3497d ago

So you think being able to resale your games is a disadvantage? :/

Charmers3497d ago

I've never re-sold a game of mine in my life. I have all my games up in the attic right back from the ZX81 days. As far as I am aware reselling games is a console habit, I have certainly never come across any PC users that do it. At any rate I wouldn't say it is a deal buster, I like to keep the games I buy because now and again I will revisit old favourites.

cpuchess3497d ago

For me the problem with downloading games is that it's to easy to spend the money. If I stay with dvds then I have to get off my butt to go get it which takes a lot of effort, believe me!

cpuchess3497d ago

Even if you don't like Games for Windows it's good news for the PC game market. It will make competitors like Steam do even more to keep and promote their product. Competition is always good for the consumer.