The Division Dark Zone Demo Doesn't Impress : Massivelyop

Despite some of the cool hands on we've read, at least one person's demo was turned into just another lobby shooting demo, which may not bode well for the game.

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d_g1276d ago

my hype for this game has gone

re2_apocalypse1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

Yea, I'm quite worried about the actual game... I don't want to get burned again like Destiny did for me.

Maybe the actual beta will change my mind; but the alpha/beta for Destiny was fun as shit too and look at the end result...

joab7771276d ago

I dunno. I think destiny has done quite well. And its funny how ya read 2 articles that say the dark zone is an amazing twist on multi, and then a few that say it's terrible.

psychobabble1276d ago

I'll still give it a go when it comes out, but I'm not nearly as excited about it as I was when they first showed it 2 years ago.

_-EDMIX-_1276d ago

Agreed. Thats not even from an excitement stand point as much as its from a not much new info stand point.

I want to see more interiors.

is it just outside and "some" inside?

How deep does the survival go? You can drink water, how much is that a necessity in the game?

How is the questing? It has NPC's, thus some questing clearly in some way has to exist.

I worry because what I want it to be, may not be what it actually is and I feel its their job to accurately convey that concept.

Example. Showing something without going into deep detail can lead many to question its concept. They stated AC Unity was the largest game they've made, it was the exact scale of Paris, that you had more interiors then any AC in the series history and 1 every 4 buildings had interiors. THAT is how you properly convey aspects of a game (regardless of how the game ended up folks lol)

Ok...your walking in a subway in one scene.

What does that tell you? That its a deep networking system underground like Fallout 3's?

Orr.....most of the game is above ground and thats one small scene?

There is a big difference between Fallout 3's subway underground and GTAIV subway underground.

You can show both, yet your conveying vastly different experiences. How can one convey what they mean by this?

I'm worried as I'm not going to get this game in spring instead of other titles. They can have a solid release if they come before Uncharted 4, Deus Ex etc

But I like many really, really worry. They need a STRONG push at Gamescom and what ever events they go to this fall as this is a new IP that I feel they haven't shown or talked about much.

Timesplitter141276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

also Ubisoft's staged "online game talk" is terrible. They do this for all online games now.

Their Division and R6 demos absolutely do not represent how these games will actually be played online.

"Ugh, guys we have so much LOOT now" Gimme a break

Immorals1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

I can imagine it being more people with no mics, people with their bad music too loud so you can't hear it and a slew of 'your momma' kids.

That said, there are still people capable of team play, and always a joy to find!

bubblepopper1276d ago

They should have had 12 year olds on stage shouting racial and gay slurs at each other. This would have been a more accurate representation of the online experience we will be getting.

morganfell1276d ago


I want to wretch. It is the worst. That supposed team from Rainbow Six 3.5 last year was nauseating. Saying it was from a multiplayer match just made me laugh while puking.

dmeador1276d ago

Agreed, but what are ya gunna do? They aren't just going to wing it, with a few tea-baggings thrown in for "realism"

OUROSMAG1276d ago

Yeah I'll wait until the game is finished, and I've played it to make a judgement call...

Chinkyinc181276d ago

The Seige trailer was the same way, but I had a blast playing the alpha! Hopefully, Division will turn out the same.

ThichQuangDuck1276d ago

Division has no true hook like Siege does with destruction and one life intensity though

re2_apocalypse1276d ago

Rainbow Six: Siege I'm very much excited for over The Division at this point. Even Ghost Recon: Wildlands is more exciting.

Xavior_Reigns1276d ago

Funny because I had to reread it, I saw Massiveflop at first. Anyways hope it turns out decent at least for the peeps interested. The downgrade sure isn't helping though.

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