Dark Souls III: Bandai Namco on sword fighting gameplay, open world areas, and not pulling punches

In this interview from E3 2015, Mike Chang from Bandai Namco details what to expect from Dark Souls III. Subjects touched on include dynamic sword-fighting combat, the state of the world, and the preservation of the series' notorious challenge.

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Forn1248d ago

Easily one of my most anticipated games next year. The line-up in 2016 is insane!

Master-H1248d ago

Can't wait to see some gameplay of this.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1248d ago

I cannot contain my excitement for this game.

WizzroSupreme1248d ago

Dark Souls III sure shouldn't be pulling any punches now. Punch me in the face and don't stop, Bandai Namco. The pain...the pain is good.

NintendoYouth1248d ago

This and Fall Out 4 are the video games I want the most.

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