New Resistance 2 Images

8 new images for Resistance 2 have surfaced.

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NDN_Shadow3799d ago

If they can keep the frame rate solid at that point in the game, then R2 is gonna be amazing.

sushipoop3799d ago

Have you played Ratchet & Clank Future: TOD? I ask because if you have then you'd know they can.

NDN_Shadow3799d ago

I've played Ratchet PS3, but there's a lot more textures and shading applied to the ships, not to mention that there's possibly more on screen at once than Ratchet had.

sonarus3799d ago

One thing that really bothered me is the sound the rocket launcher makes when it fires. Sounds the same as the bulls eye. A rocket launcher should fire with a bit more of a kick imo

Overr8ed3799d ago

small screens, but i already know that this game looks great.

slave2Dcontroller3799d ago

Totally Agree. Set that pic as a Background for my PC.

mistertwoturbo3799d ago

Yeah that's one badass in-game footage. Looks up to par and better than Killzone 2. Especially the water effects.

The only thing that bothers me though is it's a bit inconsistent with the other levels. Hopefully the Chicago section gets more polished before release.

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BigBaehr3799d ago

Damn, chimera bouncers. Wicked.

Says you3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

And from other consoles.

ConanOBrien3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

Whoa! We SONY BOYS are so proud of it! THIS IS OUR VICTORY!!!

toughNAME3799d ago

Along with GodoW3, that's my game.

sonarus3799d ago

GOW is GOW3 don't even try to change it. Gears = Gears or GeOW. You can take it or leave it buddy

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The story is too old to be commented.