Here Are the Walls Full of Awards Won by Uncharted 4, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Halo 5 and More at E3

Many media outlets awards their favorite games at trade shows with awards, and those normally come in the forms of emblems that can be attached to each game’s booth.

If you’re curious to see how many awards were won by some of the big games at E3, here are the “walls of fame” of some.

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Rimeskeem1247d ago

YES HORIZON! deserves everything it got.

Genuine-User1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Horizon is my most anticipated new IP. And Uncharted 4 is the most meticulously created action adventure game that I have ever seen.

bennissimo1246d ago Show
WelkinCole1246d ago

I was hoping for a trailer but man o man when they went to gameplay. Holy moly.

deafdani1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

That's exactly how all game reveals should be. Let the gameplay speak for it, not some BS cgi.

oasdada1246d ago

True.. Horizon is the first game in years that have hyped me to another level..

iTechHeads1246d ago

Game of the show for Sony IMO. Announced, gameplay shown and its far into development.

FFVII and Shenmue were nice surprises but those games are still far off.

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Relientk771247d ago

Horizon deserves Best Game at E3, and Best New IP

Rimeskeem1247d ago

I just realized that gregg and colin put their award on it.

Abriael1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

best game is a very hard one for me. Best "announcement" (because we didn't see the game) was final fantasy VII for me. Just too much emotion going on there, so I can't really look at it rationally.

There were just so many great games that it's very hard for me to decide. Horizon, Uncharted, Forza 6... List is long.

I can't wait for Gamescom to play some of them myself.

Shakengandulf1246d ago

That's understandable, it was a very solid E3 and there's still a lot to learn about in regards to games like Horizon.. Map size, RPG depth, story etc.

pyroxxx1246d ago

true,.. but we all really know that the best game will be Dark Souls 3

Captain_Wormy1247d ago

Not surprised. All those games were amazing.

Roccetarius1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

It's just another on a longer list of games, but Witcher 3 showed me again how useless awards before a released game is. If we're talking about a finished product, then sure it would be something worth talking about.

Dyldog691246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

Thanks for putting that technical mess called the witcher 3 in its place. Skyrims' condition last gen wasnt acceptable and with almost 4 years since then neither is TW3. I'm selling my copy for 40 tomorrow after encountering the "exp" bug on more than one occasion. Effin B.S. Hey CDPR suck my fat one! Oh and BTW "it's big, like can of Pepsi".

AndrewLB1246d ago

Some of you are so desperate to bolster lackluster PS4 exclusives by lying about The Witcher 3, that you didn't even check to see that the XP bug was fixed two weeks ago. If you actually owned the game, you would have known that. I understand that some people have experienced a few bugs, but the vast majority of people (myself included) have had almost zero issues with the game. That fact combined with the incredible story, open world, and gameplay will certainly earn TW3 game of the year status.

pivotplease1246d ago

Jumping to that conclusion makes you no better than them. I still haven't picked it up yet because I knew it was going to be a patcher. That and I'll get it for like 40 bucks new in a month or so.

Spurg1247d ago

Fallout 4??? Pretty sure that game pretty much killed it with the stuff they showed.

Abriael1247d ago

Good call. Found and added. Thanks for the suggestion. It did indeed grab a lot.

EDKICK1247d ago

I have an Xbox One and and I think Horizon looks like it could be fantastic but Fallout 4 destroyed everything else

gustave1541247d ago

Horizon: Zero Dawn is an Open World RPG too and its graphics is much, much more impressive than Fallout 4. Not sure how Fallout 4 "Destroyed" everything else.

Bigpappy1247d ago

You are correct 'EDKICK'. No of these people talking to brazen about Horizon no much more than the short clip they saw at E3. It does look interesting, but people telling you that it is on the same level and RPG as Fallout are fanboy wishful thinkers. The best you can hope for is better action sequences due to the developers back ground.

I don't know if Killzone developers have the skill to build a game as complex as Fallout, but I know there is no way they had the time required to do so. Nothing in that demo indicates they even tried.

700p1247d ago

yeah fallout 4 and rainbow six impressed me alooot.

deafdani1246d ago

Yeah, because that statement wasn't subjetive at all. Lol.

LexHazard791246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

Im pretty sure that even with less impressive graphics that Fallout 4 will play better and sell better(obviously multiplat) than Horizon(even on PS4)Thats not a knock on Horizon but have some respect for Fallout. And not everyone os gonna agree with your choice of favorite game.

Maybe you can slap the Killer tag on it. Like HorizOn killed it at E3. Just dont say its killing another game. Like Killzone did

EDKICK1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

And no disrespect to Horizon I'd be buying it if I had a PS4 or if it was coming XB1
but we saw a fairly in depth preview of Fallout 4 at Bethesda's conference,we know their pedigree with open world rpg's, we know huge Fallout 4 and how much depth it looks like it has. I only saw Horizon at Sony's conference so people who saw more of it may have answers and counters to what I'm saying and that would further explain it's hype but GG doesn't have a pedigree with open world RPG's and I don't know what kind of scale or depth the game will have how the writting or story will be , I don't know the mechanics or systems that will be in the game and how well inplented they will be, I don't know what the structure of the game in terms of missions,side missions, or length of the game. I personally don't have answers to those questions some people might and if a lot of those things are looking good then i could see it being game of show but for me it isn't there yet. I'm just saying maybe expectations should be tempered a bit for a game we don't know overly much about

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pivotplease1246d ago

As much as I am hyped for Fallout and I have a preorder in place, nothing they showed bluilt half as much hype as the Fallout 3 reveal. It's basically just a prettier version of what we've already played with not too much new stuff added outside of thee new creation engine aspects. I think the final product will be amazing but nothing they showed was that impressive.

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