Guild Wars 2 players rightly upset by Heart of Thorns' pre-purchase scheme

"This week ArenaNet revealed the pricing of Heart of Thorns, the first expansion for Guild Wars 2. The game's community has not responded favourably to the news, and, while it's hard to judge the size of any particular controversy, this one is undoubtedly big.'

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Roccetarius1249d ago

Simple solution is to offer the expansion alone, instead of coupling it in with the base game and calling it an amazing deal for previous players. Heart of Robbery more likely.

Besides, the content of the more expensive editions are just every day MMO things, instead of something special.

ATi_Elite1249d ago

I agree and it will be fixed.

But then again I paid $50 and got like 500 hours of playing time and honestly I don't mind paying another $50 for an expansion because let's be real here.

Arena Net deserves the money because most gamers play this daily.

No one has dumped as much free Dlc upon gamers as Arena Net has.

Devy1249d ago

I agree with you here, even though I find the price a bit steep, I'm still buying the ultimate package because I want to support them, and so far, for the original $70 I paid, I'm sitting at over 2000 hours of game time. Good deal if you ask me.