I Ogled a Schoolgirl in Sony's Virtual Reality | Gizmodo

Sean Hollister writes: "Summer Lesson, a VR experiment for Sony’s Project Morpheus headset produced by Namco Bandai, is a powerful virtual reality experience. It’s also disturbing and awkward and, well, kind of pornographic."

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I-Hate-usernames1247d ago

I think everyone will lock his room's door while playing this :)

AgentSmithPS41247d ago

Lock and barricade first or you might have a story for TIFU.

WeAreLegion1247d ago

God, I love that subreddit.

bunt-custardly1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Great overview of this weird and wonderful experience although I preferred the even more creepy schoolgirl. Thanks for posting.

Rimeskeem1247d ago

I just looked at that title and was like "i must show everyone!"

AgentSmithPS41247d ago

I imagined you meant something like this combined with the "Kitchen" demo at first, she leans in close then stabs you in the face.

I hope they have games like this that include some hot ones from the fighting games, that volleyball game, etc.

ps4fanboy1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Remind me to look out for you near school gates...weirdo.
(Who ever written original article)

mixelon1247d ago

The entire "game" is built around the concept, there's really not much else to do. :)

DualWielding1247d ago

This is a Team Tekken Projec... now imagine what Team Ninja could do with a Morpehus development kit

AgentSmithPS41247d ago

A hot female ninja captures you, ties you to a chair, then...

DragonDDark1247d ago

Tecmo... Dead or alive devs..

rainslacker1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

I have a feeling the dating sim is about to make a huge change in how they're made and VR will probably sell well for the people that like them. Means they'll be moving well past the visual novel style that they've been at since...well forever.

I'm thinking Square Enix makes one with all the Final Fantasy girls, because they like money and it's a no-brainer. And it's almost guaranteed that they'll be a Team Ninja one...maybe a DOA Beach Vollyball 2, or that one where you were at a resort with them all. Easy money really.

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