Unravel’s Yarny Had the Best Time at E3 2015

Yarny is the adorable hero of Unravel, and his journey through E3 not only captured the imagination of twitter, but it will positively melt your heart.

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GigawattConduit1245d ago

This is the most adorable creature in gaming. I need 12 of him.

christian hour1245d ago

I still have one of the original extremely limited sackboy plushies they sent out for the first few folks to sign up to media molecules youtube page back in the day (it craps all over any merch that has been released since!). He definitely needs a yarny in his life! PRONTO!

loopygames1245d ago

Thanks EA for backing this game and making another Mirror's Edge. We need more unique games like these 2 from your company. :)

crazychris41241245d ago

I rarely play these types of games but this does look good. Hope to see more very soon.

NeonEnigma1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

Sackboy, yarny, Wooly Yoshi... I want to play and then cuddle you all

christian hour1245d ago

I have an original rare Sackboy from being one of the first to subscribe to media molecules Youtube channel way back when. https://igcdn-photos-e-a.ak... he was hanging out with Cloud after the FF7 announcement, but now he needs a yarny in his life!

Perjoss1245d ago

Felt a bit sorry for the guy, looked so nervous showing off his game up on stage, it does look good though.

christian hour1245d ago

Reminded me of when Sean Murray came out for Sony last year, was his first time doing something like that, so full of nerves. But just like the guy (sorry, hi name escapes me) who came out to showcase Unravel and introduce Yarny to the world, they're both full of passion and honesty. More people like this in the industry please!

The 10th Rider1245d ago

David Braben at the PC show:

I felt really bad for him. He seemed really awkward. He's actually a pretty renowned programmer, so I found that pretty interesting.

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The story is too old to be commented.