Hands-On Preview: Need for Speed (2015) | DualShockers

The mean streets of Ventura Bay are alive with the sounds of revving engines and police sirens. Need for Speed is back in the best way possible by sticking to what it does well.

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jv19911128d ago

I get more excited the more i hear about this game :d

jokerisalive1128d ago

Is this game still online only?

Skate-AK1128d ago

Yeah I am pretty sure that will not change.

Software_Lover1128d ago

The game looked beautiful. Underground 3 beautiful, but the camera sucked.

jv19911128d ago

Camera can be adjusted :)

jokerisalive1128d ago

Sorry but for me online only games will be a no buy. I love the look of this but not being able to play it offline if I choose to makes me feel like I did after I bought Titanfall all over again - great game and all but when they eventually pull server support down the line I am stuck with a shiny paperweight.Sorry but thats just how I feel.

mogwaii1128d ago

Game looked absolutely amazing, im not a big racing fan but was a bit gobbed smacked actually.