Gears of War 2 Campaign Walkthrough

Watch a two part walkthrough of Gears of War 2 with a special surprise at the end.

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Rob0g0rilla3767d ago

This video of Gears 2 looks a lot more polished then the other ones I seen.

Playstation Man3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

This is the Unreal Engine maxed out. It looks great, but the arguement will always be with Scale. Gears offers little for scale but instead focuses on the enclosed which is what it does best. I am interested to see what ends up providing the better gameplay experience this fall and ultimately winning over critics and gamers alike: Scale (Resistance 2) or Enclosed beauty (Gears 2).

Scale is the greater technical achievement but closure provides for simplicity in focus for greater detail and feeds the graphics whores. It's gonna be a fun battle this fall, though I still believe that Resistance should be compared to Halo instead and Killzone 2 to Gears. More similar in terms of scale and gameplay, just saying.

BulletToothtony3767d ago

the idea to plant a shield it's crazy... and the flamethrower looks awesome as well..

It is definitely gonna be a must have and fun game this holiday season.

TheColbertinator3767d ago

A killer FPS and a killer Third Person shooter is gaming goodness all around.

Nevers3766d ago

BETTER and BETTER... I can't wait and I gotta get my butt in gear and get this on pre-order soon.

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toughNAME3767d ago

Gears of War won the first time...but this fall Resistance 2 will take the crown

Real gamer 4 life3767d ago

Why did you have to bring your fayboism into this. They both will be awesome and must have titles.

Legionaire20053767d ago

So keep your fanboy nonsense to yourself. Atleast Gears of war 2 has gore where you can blow up bodies, stomp on heads, use enemies as a human shield and etc. Resistance 2 still lack the gore action seen from both Gears of war games,which is a great advantage in terms of realism. Do you all agree?

Real gamer 4 life3767d ago

Yea but ted price has confirmed that they tone up the gore for resistance 2. Resistance 2 looks good as well, it has two different story mode for coop and single player. And the 300 feet giants bosses are awesome. the graphic are sweet too. Both games have their advantage and disadvantage resistance.

NMC20073767d ago

words that I think will be served to you with your side of Transylvania crow, however, I am not counting R2 out by any means but you have to look at the fact that GeoW was GOTY when it released and this looks much better, so while it might not get GOTY simply because it's nothing new, it certainly will, in my personal opinion so go easy on the disagrees please, it will curb stomp R2.

This is coming from someone who didn't like R1 too much so don't take it personal R2 fans.

Kleptic3767d ago

personally I don't care for the 'improved' gore of Gears 2...the first game had that awesome splattering that went unmatched (arguably still)...while it didn't look very realistic, that wasn't really the point...

whatever they changed so far for Gears 2 in that sense doesn't look the same...the splatter seems less over the top...not really toned down overall...but the individual strings of blood that shot out of an enemy from gears 1 is no where to be found so far for Gears 2 just looks like a glop of red that has the same animation no matter what enemy, what gun used, etc...

the game still has the most awesomely cinematic camera movements though of any TPS to date...the way it pans around marcus when he grabs the shield, or slams it into the ground...that is still awesome...reminds me of the first time I played Gears 1, when he leans back to slam a door open by kicking it...and the camera gets a little wild at the same time...I love that...not to mention the shaky cam during sprinting...awesome mod for UT3...really adds to the intensity imo...

Real gamer 4 life3767d ago

there a lot of competition for game of the year.

resistance 2
metal gear 4
gears of war 2

Legionaire20053767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

Gears of War still has a chance to beat Resistance 2. Yeah that 300 foot monster is great, but can you ride that monster like the monsters in Gears of War 2? Gears of War has some big monsters too!!! So does Legendary the game, which will come out first before those big games come out. Legendary will sadly be overshadowed by Gears of War 2 and Resistance 2, poor game which was made by Spark Unlimited that created the infamous title "Turning Point." Ouch!!! that's got to hurt.

Real gamer 4 life3767d ago

Dude all i am trying to say that they both will be good games. There something in gears that you wont be able to do and resistance and vice versa. we wont know who beats who until the time comes, the same way you say gears has a chance to beat resistance, is the same way resistance has a chance to beat gears. They both great games!

TrenchaunT3767d ago

Gears1 gore was awesome. It was one of the things that made it NOT Halo. I love the curb stomp animation; I would even go for stomps despite being left vulnerable just because it was sweet. I hope Gears2 still has the classic stomp animation somewhere; all I saw in the E3 demo were different stomps that weren't very exciting.

I still remember one time playing in Raven Down after an intense round on the score screen you could see and hear this brain which had been blown out of somebody's head bouncing around in the background. It made me laugh.

beavis4play3766d ago

best gore isn't gears. it's RE due to the exploding zombie heads. that rocks like nothing else.

fenderputty3766d ago

@ anyone who thinks toughNAME is a PS3 fanboy. lol

Both game are going to be great. Gears looks amazing. Did anyone really expect different?

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Legionaire20053767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

It has a special surprise that will keep people talking for days until release. This surprise was originally a rumor mention a lot by gaming news everywhere.

Edit: Oh what the heck I will reveal it anyway. You can ride on that huge locust beast Yes!!! Marcus hinted it in the second walkthrough!!!!

toughNAME3767d ago

The 'surprise' was shown at E3. What a tease.

In Resistance 2 you can ride the Coverfield monster. FYI.

karlostomy3767d ago

Sounds like REsistance2 is just a poor man's copy of GeOW2, huh?

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EA Expert3767d ago

you cant really compare gow2 and resistance 2 there both different games lol