E3 Week Who Won?

Dan, Joe and special guests Mj, Shiro, and Rubin, disscuss The week of E3 in its entirety, which include all major confrences. Who were the winners and who were the losers?

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mikeslemonade1272d ago

INB4 someone says "the gamers did".

WelkinCole1272d ago

Well yes..mostly PS gamers :)

Nirvana315911272d ago

E3 conferences summed up.

Sony - "Here's Shenmue 3, The Last Guardian, Horizon, Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Dreams from Media Molecule."

Microsoft - "Here's a bunch of games you've already seen, an MMO from Rare, a CGI trailer and the ability to play old games."

Square Enix - "Here are 3 more PS4 exclusives because PS master race"

StrayaKNT1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Halo 5
Rare collection
Forza 6
Gears 4
Sea of thieves
Backward compatibility
Elite controller
Gears ultimate
Fable legends
Tomb raider
Most of these coming this year

But yeah the same old uncharted and horizon are better lmaoooooo wow the standards these days. Rare collection alone is better than what sony showed, Microsoft also had two AAA ip while Sony only had one.

Red head chick who looks like a man or pirate mmorpg? Yeah I'll take pirates anyday of the week.

SniperControl1272d ago

LMAO!, how old are you? did you just have a strop and throw all of your toys out of your cot? classic.

Same old Uncharted?? What about Gears, Halo and Forza and Fable?

thanhgee1272d ago


U r always on ur knees for microsoft ahahha

emilijo7771272d ago

3 most wanted games of all time showned at Sony Conference:

The Last Guardian
Final Fantasy VII Remake
Shenmue 3


Uncharted 4
Nier 2

ninsigma1272d ago

Halo 5 - SP looks bland and very un-halo like.
Rare collection - I don't think it's as big as you expect it to be.
Forza 6 - meh, another driving game.
Gears 4 - looks great.
Recore - CGI, no gameplay.
Sea of theives - stop kidding yourself, you won't buy that.
BC - awesome announcement but for the minority (that's me! :D)
Elite controller - awesome but over priced
Gears ultimate - so remasters are good now??
Fable - doesn't look great, which is why it's free to play. Will be destroyed by micros.
Tomb raider - Looks to follow the first (which was great with very little extra but with more unchartedness.

How on earth can you say same old uncharted when you mention 4 games that MS has released to death.
No the rare collection is not better than horizon, it's not better than ff7 remake announcement, it's not better than uncharted 4. You know this.

If horizon was an xbox exclusive you would be parading that game all around N4G. I'm sorry that it looks better than anything on xbox right now, but no need lose your sh*t and make the most ridiculous statements on n4g. It's ok, you'll get through this.

Khajiit861272d ago

Same old Halo, Same old Gears, Same old Forza, Same old Rare games, same old 360 games with BC, Same old Fable, same old Tomb Raider...... See I can do that too...

Now back on your knees for MS.

Muigi1272d ago

Lmao!!! The uncharted 4 demo alone blew out anything Microsoft showed lol. Do I even need to mention Final Fantasy? Shenmue? Lol you xbone owners always know how to put a smile on my face. Go play your 360 games happy e3!

Poli_Games1272d ago

I think at face value I could see how you may think that. I mean I LOVE me some halo and gears. But, that controller is 150 bucks, it's terribly overpriced. Backwards compatibility is all up to the publisher/developers who allow there games on the console. Yet, with the growing popularity of Remasters and HD releases, who's going to throw there game on there if there's a chance for them to make some easy money on a Remaster. The rare collection is pretty cool! But, the sea of thieves game... Man I would have rather seen a banjo game. Recore was awesome though. I'll be getting an Xbox for the gears ultimate edition!
At the end of the day if you thought they won that's awesome and more power to you! I think this was the best conference Microsoft has had for years! They did a great job!

medman1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Here you go son...this is what you call a slaughtering...outnumbered, outgunned, just plain flat out beaten like a rented mule.

Oh, and take this one with ya on your way out the door...

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tekksin1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

UC4 and Horizon did indeed look good, but let's not take anything away from Tomb Raider. That game looked fucking incredible. Edit: and also Star Wars, even though I'm not a fan. The graphics were insane.

Is it strange not a peep has been said about Halo since E3? Its reveal didn't look any less underwhelming compared to other Halo reveals.

Relientk771273d ago


just kidding...

Sony blew it out of the water

Khajiit861272d ago

If you combine Nintendo and MS.... Sony still won.

JJShredder1273d ago

I posted this in another article but just my thoughts:

I preferred Microsoft's show myself as it was nicely varied and I had an idea of when everything was coming out. They did, however, still rely a bit on established franchises at least for the remainder of the year.

Sony had a nice conference with some awesome teases of beloved franchises but it also hurt's them IMO because it detracted from Horizon (game of show?) and put a viel over all the DLC/Exclusive content crap I thought we all hated??
The lack of timeframes irks me too as now they are probably going to milk those three games out for the next two or three E3s while further detracting from the "coming soon" games. Was hoping to actually be sold on Morpheus as well but all I got was crickets.

RPGrinder1272d ago

Nintendo EASILY won E3

Smash Direct

They had games with actual release dates

What did Sony have? a remake, a 10 year old vaporware game, a kickstarter.

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NoctisPendragon1272d ago

Nintendo stocks even droped , who is going to believe you ?

src : .

RPGrinder1272d ago

Sonys stock has been down all year. Do you know how stocks work? The next day Nintendos stock rebounded.

This is what stocks do. They go up, they go down.

Investors, they do not play games. I cannot believe I have to explain this.

NoctisPendragon1272d ago


So it was luck ? We all know they go randomly up and down no ?

tekksin1272d ago

Sony coulda just had the FF7 reveal, and they still woulda won. Lol, there is not gonna be a phenomena close to that in a long, long time. You seriously underestimate the power of a remade classic PS4 game from a AAA team of proven developers.

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Rimeskeem1272d ago

I leave you with this


im out

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