MotorStorm: Pacific Rift E3 2008 GameSpot Stage Demo

MotorStorm: Pacific Rift is shown off on GameSpot's E3 2008 stage show.

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sushipoop3793d ago

"Do we have a story mode in there?" WTF? Who the hell hired this dumb b!tch?

Playstation Man3793d ago

I am really looking forward to Motorstorm Pacific Rift.

My guaranteed buys for PS3 this year are Motorstorm, LBP and Resistance 2 (and probably Siren this Thursday). Any info, idiotically asked for or not, is good info.

Real gamer 4 life3793d ago

Yea motorstrom look really good. i like the addition of being able to flip the bird.

PoSTedUP3793d ago

most anticipated game this year.

second most: socom

third: LBP.

sonarus3793d ago

Nice to know there is actually custom soundtrack support straight from the xmb. Sony needs to push their titles to support these features so 3rd parties can follow

xJxdOggyStYLe3793d ago

cant wait for this one!!! looks great
bubbles for all motorstorm fans :-p

Spydiggity3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

i can't wait to nut all over it!!!

games like this put me in such a great mood, bubbles for all my fellow ps3 owners!

Hey, jdogg, is that you in your picture? i wanna know what would possess you to eat a ps3. and then how were you able to crap it out in tact. that's crazy. but good news, you will now have your ps3 in time for motorstorm 2, second best game ever...after resistance 2 of course.

and @ the guy below me. the story is umm, you hit start and there's some cars, trucks, buggies and such, and you can drive em off road.

RiseOfMonster3793d ago

I didn't play Motorstorm 1, can someone catch me up on the story? :p

jwatt3793d ago

The graphics look really good in this game and I think the story is going to be just as good lol.

poopsack3793d ago

the story is about this guy that found these tickets and sudddenly got access to a bunch of vehicles and races.

PoSTedUP3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

the story is about the most badass, brutally vicious off road dirt racing ever to hit your tv screen..... FACT! play motorstorm1 you'll love it i sware.

masterg3793d ago

That was so painful to listen to.
I almost couldn't get though the video even though I'm a huge MotorStorm fan. I recommend muting it and just enjoy the game play.

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i_like_ff73793d ago

Is it just me or does gamespot ask the stupidest question ever -__-

sushipoop3793d ago

It's quite obvious that those two fat girls don't play video games.

Legionaire20053793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )


By the way guys!!! is that guy in the video riding a dirt bike Old Snake? Look at the gameplay video closely and you'll see a white hair dude in a snake look alike suit.

i_like_ff73793d ago

Actually Jodi(the red head) plays a lot of video games. I dont know about the other one though...

MikeGdaGod3793d ago

man those are two dumb b!tches

TheIneffableBob3793d ago

Jody is a gamer.
Kristin is pretty new to GameSpot, so I don't know much about her. But she was apparently a top player in some Halo 2 league.

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pwnsause3793d ago

"Do we have a story mode in there?"

W...T...F? 0_o

that was the dumbest, THE DUMBEST question i have heard from this idiot so far. She asked a dumb question to Ted Price last week guess what shee said, "is this game a Playstation 3 exclusive" OMFG.

AlterEgo3793d ago

This game is going to set my PS3 on fire...

Xbox360 Mujahid3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

this game is a satanic racing simulator !
INFIDELS ! dont buy it ! burn ur satanic PS2.5 now u infidels !

X360 FTW

sushipoop3793d ago

Infidels FTW! Slave religious nutjobs like yourself FTL!

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