You Can't Play Zelda: Triforce Heroes With Only Two People

You can play the newest Zelda game alongside two other people. You can play it by yourself. But you can’t, according to director Hiromasa Shikata, play Zelda: Triforce Heroes with a party of two.

Bad news for anyone who was hoping to plow through the co-op dungeon game—announced for 3DS during Nintendo’s conference on Tuesday—with a single friend or significant other. There’s an optional mode that lets you play against one or two other friends, Shikata says, but the new Zelda is mostly comprised of deep, intricate dungeon levels that require parties of either one or three.

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Sly-Lupin1270d ago

That's... really odd.

It's great and all that Nintendo is (pretty much the only one, beyond one or two notable exceptions like Larian) pushing co-op gameplay, but they REALLY don't understand how not every market they're selling in has the same population density as Japan.

ChronoJoe1270d ago

Looks like they borrowed some ideas from Super Dungeon Bros. in honesty.

SDB scales with the number of people you have playing though.