What's Left To Be Announced?

After three monumental E3 reveals whats next? The trifecta of illusive games are here but which games are fans still clamouring for?

Fast forward a few years and you could’ve guided the boy and his bird through The Last Guardian, revisited Aeris’ death in the upgraded Final Fantasy VII and helped Ryo gain revenge on Lan Di in Shenmue III.

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Stringerbell943d ago

Vanquish 2? Anyone? I mean it did end on a cliff hanger. No? Okay...

-Foxtrot943d ago

So did Prince of Persia 08 and Half Life they all need to be shown

colonel179942d ago

Didn't Prince of Persia get a the true ending on DLC? It's lame, but it's Ubisoft.. but I remember that the DLC was the continuation of the ending. It started right after the cliffhanger IIRC.

Xieldos943d ago

Vanquish 2 is a great shout

SolidGear3942d ago

Yes. Would love Vanquish 2.

genius942d ago

parasite eve
vagrant story
Legend of Dragoon
Prince of Persia
Dino crisis

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Relientk77943d ago

Crash Bandicoot
Legend of Dragoon 2

Dabigsiebowski942d ago

Yes please, Reboot this if anything.

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The story is too old to be commented.