'Horizon' could be 2016's most beautiful video game - Wired

Given that so many video games at this year's E3 are set explicitly during the end of the world, it feels fitting that one of the most apparently beautiful takes place 2,000 years after it.

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DeletedAcc1271d ago

UNCHARTED 4, then Horizon

Forn1271d ago

Both will be spectacular no doubt.

ninsigma1271d ago

I have no doubt that uncharted will be best graphical game of the year but I think most beautiful could well be horizon. It has so much potential for gorgeous settings.

rainslacker1271d ago

I say let the dual begin.:) Nothing wrong with having two awesome contenders.

Relientk771271d ago

It's potentially my most anticipated 2016 game

GusBricker1271d ago

Unraveled and Cuphead for me. Lovin the style of both.

_-EDMIX-_1271d ago

Easily and we've only seen one area up close.

Red1271d ago

Let's hope it comes out.

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