Who Had The Best Exclusives At E3 – Sony or Microsoft?

Being rival companies, Sony and Microsoft are locked in a constant battle to out do one another with exclusive game titles to draw more potential fans towards their console. Big name exclusive titles include the Halo series on Xbox and the Uncharted series on Playstation. E3 2015 was no different when at the end of day 0, both companies revealed a slew of console exclusives that have fans buzzing

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TheGreatGamer1250d ago

You forgot Recore, gigantic, fable legends, elite dangerous, sea of thieves and rare replay on the Microsoft side

xHeavYx1250d ago

They forgot FF7 on Sony's side, which, in my opinion, wipes the floor with the titles you mentioned.

Vasto1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

FF7 not exclusive and a remake wiping the floor with new IPs? LMAO

Nirvana315911250d ago

How is this even a question? Sony OWNED E3.

MetalProxy1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

^Hey Vasto Tomb raider isnt exclusive but that was ok? smh
I agree with Heavy. But I really like the dinos in horizon also.

yarbie10001250d ago

You think 'first on Playstation' equals exclusive on Playstation?

Sony made sure there was no confusion about Street Fighter. You think they just slipped up on the wording on this one?

Farmassy1250d ago

yeah FF7 isn't an exclusive. And before you say anything, I understand that Tomb Raider is not an exclusive... I never said it was.

I would be pessimistic about shenmue as well. First, it hasn't even been worked on yet. They just came out and said, "We are gonna raise money for this game on kickstarter." That is not really an announcement. I feel like you should have some substance before you "announce a game." Also, shenmue was amazing back in the day. It was the first to do many things that are now common place in gaming and we owe a lot to it. They were great games. However, making a new one might not go like everyone thinks. There is no way it will be as innovative and unique as the original games. Those mechanics are old now. People have expectations that can't be met

Horizon looks awesome. Uncharted will be awesome. I am excited about TLG but we will have to see if it was worth the wait. It has been in development hell for so long. I hope it comes out well. I am worried that I am hoping for a masterpeice and will be let down.

Uncharted will make me get a PS4 (just like uncharted made me get a PS3). Horizon could be something really special

Genuine-User1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

I'll just leave this here.

Horizon, TLG and UC4.

SonofGod1250d ago

A timed exclusive remake? Really? And you're calling me a fanboy? LOL

The fact that people agree with you is shocking. Oh wait no it's not, this is N4G. Go say that on any other site except for Dual Shocker, come on I dare you.

JackStraw1250d ago

For all the people saying FF7 Remake isn't exclusive, tell me what other platform it's been announced for. I'll wait.

A remake could very well outshine a new IP. Why? Because a new IP is risky, and can either be a hit or miss. FF7 is a proven game being remade, a game that has been requested for years.

Don't be so arrogant.

People have this idea int heir head that if TR might come to PS consoles, then FF7 will also. The original FF7 didn't even make it to an Xbox console. I don't know why a remake would, but that's irrelevant.


UC4, Horizon, FF7, TLG, Shenmue 3, No Man's Sky. These games alone won this year's E3, and the last 5 E3s combined, for me.

There are only a few games MS showed that had me interested, and one of them was Gears, which had a terribly underwhelming demo shown, but it's Gears so I'll play it because I love that series.

Highlife1250d ago

If you own a ps4 you won
If you own a xbox you won
If you own a wiiu you lost

freshslicepizza1250d ago

personally i enjoyed horizon, uncharted 4 and forza 6 but i'll let everyone continue to choose the sides they've been on for years.

Letthewookiewin1250d ago

I'm notoriously skewed towards Sony, (I can tell by the amount of ignores I have lol) but I really think MS had a fantastic show but what if, they didn't announce BC? Would it still have been what it was? The only game I have on my X1 still is MCC and Ori and the games I can look forward to are more Halo(which is a fantastic game) and Gears 1, I don't like racing games and get all my multiplats on PS4. But with BC added to that it made their conference really good. I can't help but ask would it have been without it?

Malacath1250d ago

A remaster of a 1997 game with repetetive random battles does not wipe the floor of anything?

What is sony's facination of remasters?

Malacath1250d ago


FF7 didn't go to a microsoft console because there was no microsoft console in 1997.

It did go to a microsoft windows though so technically not an exclusive

starchild1250d ago

Personally I'm never impressed when Sony or Microsoft announce multiplatform games at their conferences. I mean, when it's a game I'm going to be playing on PC why am I going to act like it's their game just because it was announced at their conference?

I want to see games coming from the companies themselves. Think about it, all the games at Bethesda's, Ubisoft's, and Square Enix's conferences are coming from those companies themselves. Microsoft and Sony include all these games from third parties. If a game coming from Sony or MS themselves is worth 1 point, for example, I would award maybe 1/4 point for multiplat reveals.

freshslicepizza1250d ago

"Personally I'm never impressed when Sony or Microsoft announce multiplatform games at their conferences. I mean, when it's a game I'm going to be playing on PC why am I going to act like it's their game just because it was announced at their conference?"

windows is a major part of the pc though. in fact some pc games are published by them too. i do agree games like fallout should remain at the bethesda conference but they show these games off at their conference because they have deals in place, usually dlc but in this case it was about mod support for the xbox one (which they hope to bring to the ps4 later).

some publishers are simply not big enough to have their own conference which is why they partner up. the problem with nintendo is they don't have much in the way of relationships with many third party publishers so their video direct conference works for them. they show exclusive games and move on. if sony and microsoft stood on stage just talking about exclusive games it would be about a 15-20 minute show.

StrayaKNT1250d ago

Id take rare collection over Ff7 anyday

GameNameFame1250d ago

And tomb raider is timed exclusive but yea... according to Xbox fans it only counts as exclusive if it is xbox game.

Lol. Desperation goes far.

1250d ago
Dinkis1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

Lol ya those are coming to X1 so..what's left for the year man?and I'm talking AAA. Some ppl act like Ms has nothing in 2016 or 2017 but the fact is we don't know yet and given the new track record I bet there will be more new ips.
I think Ms is going to wow us in the coming years. 2016 alone is QB,Crack down and others that I have been waiting for ,along with some Indies like Below witch I can't wait for.
Uc4 looks really good. But.... there is nothing else for PS that I'm interested in beside horizon Idk maybe I'm just a MP gamer.
Back to 2016 e3 or e3 2017 you think MS won't have anything to combat any Sony games lol come Mon man.
Edit @ausie Idk man ff7 was one of my favs but rare remake is still awesome and on onther note shennue was seriously the the shit back in the day. Played both but when is it coming! ???
E3 Overload!

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Vasto1250d ago

Don't forget about Ashen, Ion and Cuphead!

fermcr1250d ago

Basically Sony's E3 conference was about games getting released in 2016 and beyond. Microsoft's E3 conference was about games getting released soon (late 2015, early 2016).

Maybe it's better to wait for Microsoft's conference at Gamescom, to see what they have for late 2016 (and beyond)... before making future predictions.

OB1Biker1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

Well I wouldnt say Uncharted 4 and SFV for example are that far away but of course people got the 'holiday season' brain washing marketing on. its not like theres a magical wall between 2015 and 2016.
Also Sony could have easily shown games releasing in a few weeks like gow or until dawn and they didnt even bother showing rachet and Clank at the presser

Ciporta19801250d ago

how is elite dangerous an exclusive when i own it already on pc and its been confirmed there will be a ps4 version?

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Relientk771250d ago

The Last Guardian
Uncharted 4
Final Fantasy 7 Remake
Shenmue 3

Just one of these titles kills everything Microsoft showed, and Sony showed all 5, it was just insane.

SmokingMonkey1250d ago

Dreams will be incredible as well!

Dlacy13g1250d ago

It's an impressive list of games they showed no doubt, and made for an exciting E3 show for Sony. Not as impressive is that none of those games are coming in 2015 and gamers will have to wait until 2016 and some possibly later than that.

Ravenheartzero1250d ago

Aye but if xbox fans can wait years for quantum break, crackdown, scalebound and halo 5 I'm sure Playstation fans can wait the same and enjoy them the same. Great time to be a gamer, uncharted collection, Dragon quest heroes, Tales of zestiria, Fallout 4, metal gear, Assassin's creed, battlefront. So much to play this holiday it's ridiculous. One of the best holidays for gaming I've ever seen.

Immorals1250d ago

2 aren't exclusive, and none are out this year.

It's a shame Sony didn't decide to show off their games coming this year. Would put to rest that tired 'PS4 has no games' argument.

JackStraw1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

Which 2 aren't exclusive? Cause I'm 100% sure FF7 has only been announced for PS4. And Shenmue 3 is a console exclusive, and considering that by "Sony or Microsoft" they mean PS's brand vs Xbox brand, PC is out of the conversation.

Immorals1250d ago

@Jack Ff7 'play it first on PS4'.Every exclusive had' Playstation exclusive '.

It's coming to PC. That is another platform. Console exclusive or not, it's still a multiplat. So it is not exclusive to Sony

No Way1250d ago

JackStraw - Exactly. It's not exclusive if I can play it on the PC.
Besides, I'm currently on a run thru of FF7 on my PC right now..
If they want this remake to get my money, it better have a LOT of extra content. I don't need a prettier game. It needs new content to be exciting.

Vasto1250d ago

Halo 5 kills everything on that list and Xbox One fans still have Rise Of The Tomb Raider, Gears Of War Ultimate, Fable Legends and Forza Motorsport 6 all coming this year!

None of that is coming out this year and some of them are mutliplat. LMAO

Ravenheartzero1250d ago

Aren't tomb raider, Gears of war ultimate edition and fable legends coming to pc? Doesn't that make them multiplat?

Thegamer411250d ago

Tomb raider is a timed exclusive, Fable Legends and Gears Ultimate are multiplatform and the 3rd Forza game on XboxOne, nothing new. Il give you Halo 5.
You see how easy it is to downplay a decent line up of games using your "logic" showed in your first comment?

harypotr1250d ago

Judging from your comment I can now see how you manage to get 10 bubbles. I have never seen such over convincingly, well argumented comment... Oh wait, nevermind, just a sony fanboy that praises everything from Sony and give no credit to other companies. This works on N4G though.

Now watch this comment get flagged for personal attack, while this relientk dude can keep stealth trolling forever. Peace out

SonofGod1250d ago

No matter what they do at E3, no matter what, people like you will always say that Sony won E3.

Elit3Nick1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

A subjective opinion, people will like what grabs their interest more. Horizon absolutely blew my mind (this coming from an xbox gamer) and FFVII was a great surprise but the others never truly interested me. I've always been in love with the Halo and Forza series, so to me they're the more important ones, but that doesn't mean that I can say PS exclusives are terrible, and the same should be said for PS gamers.

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Stringerbell1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

I don't know, ColecoVision went hard this E3. Don't know if the others will be able to keep up. Just sayin...

Tedakin1250d ago

Most of MS's games are coming soon. Sony's 2 big bombs, Shenmue and FF7 won't be out for years. Shenmue is in KICKSTARTER state.... when do you think that's coming out?

andibandit1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )


Im figuring at least 2.5 years of development time.

fermcr1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

Sony's 2 big bombs, Shenmue and FF7, aren't exclusive.

... just like Rise of Tomb Raider is not a X1 exclusive.

EDIT: Now I'm just going to mess with you guys. LOL
How do you guys know that Rise of Tomb Raider is getting released on PS4/PS3?
It could be Xbox... and later on PC only.

Eterna1Ice1250d ago

Well, it is, right now at least. It wasn't confirmed for any other platforms, though, i'm 90% sure it's coming to other platforms, which ones tho? Oh, wait, actually, it's coming to 360 anyways.

SoapShoes1250d ago

Shenmue is though or at least never coming to Xbox. FF7 is first on PS then PC, never on Xbox per SE's twitter.

1250d ago
TomatoDragon1250d ago

There are actually 44 games that still have 2015 release dates for PS4. A few are...

Until Dawn
Tear Away Unfolded
The Tomorrow Children
Dragon Quest Heroes
Everybody's Gone to the Rapture
God of War 3 remaster
Uncharted Trilogy

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XabiDaChosenOne1250d ago

The WiiU has had backwards compatibly since day one and nobody is running out to buy a WiiU. BC is a nice feature for dedicated xbox fans but nobody is going to run out and buy one because of it. Once again for the umpteenth time Forza, Gears, and Halo is the biggest games at Microsoft's presser. How is this even a debate of who won E3? Yes, Microsoft had a great E3 probably their best one yet but Sony still won by a decent margin
Sony announcements
-FF7 remake
-World of Final Fantasy
Etc. with a whole bunch of other indies announced.

Eterna1Ice1250d ago

Doesn't WiiU ask for money to play in BC?

ElementX1250d ago

Honestly there weren't many Wii games most people would want to play.

NiteX1250d ago

It had many great first party games. But, besides those there isn't much else really.

IraqCombatVet1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )


I already know one person who said that backwards compatibility for Xbox One was the deciding factor for her getting an XB1.

Plus this holiday season when everyone goes nuts, all the people who were on the fence to get an XB1 no longer have any reason not to.

Halo 5, Tomb Raider, Gears remaster, Rare replay, Forza 6, Xbox Elite controller, backwards compatibility, Xbox One Window 10 dashboard update, etc.

I own gaming websites and know for a fact what people search for and how crazy the sales are over the holidays.

You tell people this holiday season you can play a new Halo and bring your Xbox 360 games over to Xbox One and it's a done deal.

Don't think for a second these people are as gaming savvy as people who hang out on gaming websites all day. We're a small minority.

People still search for "PS4 backwards compatibility" A LOT. It's one of my most visited pages on one of my gaming sites.

XabiDaChosenOne1250d ago

I will make this short and quick:

One person does not speak for an entire market, nor does the handful of people who visit your website

-the end

IraqCombatVet1249d ago


You said, "One person does not speak for an entire market, nor does the handful of people who visit your website"

Interesting. Because you said in your first comment "BC is a nice feature for dedicated xbox fans but nobody is going to run out and buy one because of it."

Hmmm...sounds like you're speaking for the market.

And I wouldn't call almost 2 million visitors to my website a handful. I think I have a much better understanding of the market then you do.

XabiDaChosenOne1249d ago

@IraqCombatVet Nice job taking my words out of context, my comment was in reference to you using your friend as an example of what the market trend is. I am not speaking for the market I am making an observation of what the markets buying habits are, if you have some sort of research that you would like to show me that shows gamers buying consoles with BC in droves please share, because the later PS3 models outsold the Xbox 360 just fine without it.
As far as your website goes, why don't you stop taking about it and show me proof of the volume of visitors to it, or better yet just throw me a link to it.

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