Batman: Arkham Knight reviews for PC delayed

GameZone: "So far, reviews for Batman: Arkham Knight have been overwhelmingly positive. The Batman brand and Rocksteady's history with the franchise have made the game as safe a bet as any new release this year, which has resulted in a large number of pre-orders. However, it is worth noting that the current review scores only reflect the PS4 version version of the game, which may leave PC gamers in particular, a bit nervous."

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RedDeadLB1250d ago

I shmell optimization troubles.

Ezz20131250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

It's UE3 modified
that engine is soo smooth on pc

Even low end PCs will run it on very low setting just fine

HeavenlySnipes1250d ago

WB and Sony have a marketing partnership. The only version of the game being shown is the PS4 version (in case you didn't notice) and all the reviews so far are of the PS4 version

The game will be fine on PC. If the short NVIDIA videos were any indication at least

oIITSBIIo1250d ago

PS4 reviews are always first, then after 2 weeks or so PC reviews start to show up, this goes with almost every game.

Khajiit861250d ago

Why do they even have separate reviews? I primarily game on PC but the game wont be that much different.. If its a 9.0 on PS4 then I assume its like a 9.3 or something on PC because of better visuals... Still the same story and gameplay.

Razputin1250d ago

Eh, if there are any issues, I'm happy I paid $30 for the Premium Edition.

Seafort1250d ago

Yup same here Razptin. I paid £23 for premium edition. It's £61 on steam with 10% discount.

I don't think the'll be any problems myself. If I can endure ARK Survival Evolved crappy performance I can endure anything.

Roll on Tuesday :)

Poroz1250d ago

Me to. If not for kinguin I would never get to play very many games

Locknuts1250d ago

I'm not worried. It's a modified UE3 engine. UE3 ran like butter on the PC up until now. Rocksteady's games were particularly smooth.I'm sure it's fine and I can't wait to play this at 60fps. The combat in the first two was literally double the fun for me at 60fps compared to the console versions.

Benjammin251250d ago

I would love to play the Arkham games at 60FPS. I guess I'll just have to buy the Arkham collection when it hits PS4 and wait till I have the money to upgrade my PC to play knight at 60FPS.

Locknuts1250d ago

You will notice a huge improvement with the Arkham Collection :)

Zero1091250d ago

All Arkham games ran fine on my PC. I'm sure this will run fine as well. Rocksteady, Naughty Dog, Rockstar and a few others are devs I trust with a day one release of a game. I'm sure any (most) hiccups are gone with the 3gb day one patch.

Note: according to Eurogamer, it runs smooth even without the patch!

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