Miyamoto: Wii U price 'higher than we wanted'

Recently, Shigeru Miyamoto admitted that the Wii U launched at a price that was higher than what even Nintendo wanted.

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stragomccloud945d ago

At least Nintendo always takes a risk, rather than playing it safe.

Number-Nine945d ago

not very well though out risks however

Shnazzyone945d ago

Who is agreeing with this? I'm not even sure it's english.

Shnazzyone945d ago

Hopefully someday capitalization and punctuation happen too.

Number-Nine945d ago

my bad. i simply forgot that i was back in english class. my condolences professor douche

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MasterCornholio945d ago (Edited 945d ago )

Sometimes playing it safe is what the industry needs.

Sony played it safe by listening to game developers when they designed their system. I'm pretty sure developers are pretty happy with that.

ozstar945d ago

Excuse me while a drop some reality on your head.

Mobile gaming is flooding the market right now, in Japan, and elsewhere.

Playing it safe is going to strangle half of Nintendo's core business.

madjedi944d ago

Actually I would call what sony did playing it smart not safe.

Who else would better understand what is important for a console than game developers themselves.

Yeah Nintendo truly likes to live dangerously, with their console hardware. That is why it still reuses the cpu and gpu line from the gamecube for the wii u.

N4g_null945d ago

I'm not sure I would buy a $250 nx... I hope they give us the option to support superior tech.

Magicite945d ago

Gamecube was at like ~100$ meantime.

stragomccloud945d ago

True. It doesn't always work. One of the problems is that gamers are so resistant to change that it truly forces the industry to stagnate.

Yehshuah945d ago

risk? Mario every dam year at e3 is a risk to you? how about new ip? that's a risk

stragomccloud945d ago

People look at franchises and see stagnation; however, Nintendo makes its games fresh with every iteration. Only someone who never actually plays a Nintendo game seriously thinks as you do. Which is sadly most people. The family friendly image has made many men insecure in their masculinity and maturity unable to enjoy the amazing and unique gameplay experiences that Nintendo delivers time and time again. Plus, it's a really unpopular thing to like right now. God forbid people actually make their own unbiased judgements.

iplay1up2944d ago

"How bout a new IP"? You mean like Splatoon, that released a couple weeks ago, with outstanding reviews, and is hella fun?

Nice try, but they took a risk, and its paying off.

pcz944d ago

i highly doubt nintendo massed produced a product without fully grasping the cost before hand. they knew how much they wanted it to retail for, and it was purposefully overpriced because they anticipated it would be a runaway success like the wii... of course, they were wrong.

even today the wiiu is too expensive. why would anyone pay 1 penny over £100 for retro technology. i personally refuse to pay over 80

stragomccloud944d ago

Because it's foolish to think that tech is more important than software. If so, then SNES and PS1 games should just be completely ignored. Nice logic buddy.

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-Foxtrot945d ago

That's what you get for adding a silly gamepad you hardly ever use for your games.

The Gamecube adapters are selling through the roof and people are always looking to find one. Take the hint

Sora_1994945d ago

That dumb gamepad is the reason the price hasnt been dropped further isnt it? The wiiu simply costs too much for what it is

-Foxtrot945d ago

If they wanted to do the Gamepad fine but there should have been two editions.

The other edition would have included something like this

It would also be cheaper so if the Gamepad failed then at least they would just manufacture more of these editions instead

Munnkyman945d ago

They should have already done this already. Make a new edition with no game pad. How many games actually utilize it. I mean I think people would buy a wii u right now for 199 or 249

Sora_1994945d ago

O man that controller slays all the making of gamecube goodness for the wiiu such wasted potential.

BlackIceJoe945d ago

That truly is a nice looking Wii U controller and would have been more welcomed by gamers. I'm not saying the game pad is bad, just isn't used the way it should be. Instead it comes off as a cheap gimmick and it isn't even cheap.

Debaitable945d ago

Yeah having the gamepad was a bad call. Costs too much, it's not even multi touch, uses up the systems resources (Starfox) & you can only connect one to the system.

Perhaps a generation too early for it. Or perhaps they could have made the WiiU a bit more powerful and not be afraid to price match XboxOne & PS4.

Knushwood Butt945d ago

Yes, and remember, Nintendo said the system supports two of them.

Presumably Nintendo never sold enough WiiUs for them to explore the avenue of develpping games that enable this.

Many fights break out on the sofa as the kids compete to use the tablet.

Great idea Nintendo..

KaladinStormblessed945d ago

I think the gamepad is a great controller, but clearly was released a generation too early (costs too much) and is a little clunky/low end. And the fact that they didn't utilize it as much as they should/could have. I wouldn't mind if the NX had a more modern gamepad, as long as it didn't raise the cost too much, which is basically impossible so nevermind. Recreate the Pro controller with analog triggers and release a modern GameCube controller.

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Grimhammer00945d ago

Sometimes taking unwarranted risks is unnecessary.

FallenAngel1984945d ago (Edited 945d ago )

For half the price you can get a PS3 or 360 which have more features, huge backlog, and still more current multiplats.

For a mere $50-$100 more you can get an X1 or PS4 which are better investments in the long term.

Either way the Wii U is overpriced for what it offers and the cost needs to drop and it needs to do it fast.

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