At E3 2015, Microsoft Left The Kinect Behind

This E3 was, by most measures, a banner year for Microsoft MSFT -1.48% and the Xbox One. Last year may have been Phil Spencer’s first E3 as head of the Xbox, but this was the first year where it really felt like he had taken the reins and started steering. We got backwards compatibility, PC mods for Fallout transferring to Xbox One, a few new exclusives, Halo, Gears of War, Rise of The Tomb Raider and more. It felt like a company that knew where it was going, and that’s a welcome change from the confused operation of years’ past. There was one major omission, however, that was indicative of the company’s overall direction: the Kinect.

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yarbie10001250d ago

It's a good thing they didn't spend much time on it during the press event. If they would have, then everyone would be complaining. There wasn't enough time even to cover Quantum Break, Crackdown, or Scalebound during the presser.

But it was at E3. I watched a really cool demo where they showed off Cortana working on Xbox One. You can ask Cortana if one of your friends is online, and if so you can tell her to set up a party and throw your friend an invite all without you leaving the game or using up much space on your screen.

MS has also confirmed they are still working on games built for Kinect. Time and place for everything. E3 is about the big games, and that's what we heard about - with many coming in 2015. Forza, Gears, Cuphead, Halo, Tomb Raider, Re/Code, Fable, Gigantic, Sea of Thieves, new controller, new dashboard, and backwards compatibility. So plz don't act like you wish they woulda talked about Kinect instead

greenmiker1250d ago

I prefer the focus on games than Kinect.