ESO Is Now Selling Experience Boosters In The Cash Shop

Skyrim Fansite writes: "Beginning today, The Elder Scrolls Online started selling Experience boosters in The Crown Store. This latest development comes only four days after the devs released an incremental patch allowing players to craft their very own Experience booster in-game."

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DanteVFenris6661246d ago

Well at least you can craft it. So I don't mind it

Vasto1246d ago

No XP Boosters should be in game at all.

OmegaShen1246d ago

XP boost is op, my friend is already past level 34 and he did the ESP Plus.

xPhearR3dx1246d ago

Leveling up in ESO doesn't take long at all until you hit the Vet Ranks. Quests are the fastest way to level up, so if you do them back to back, you'll level extremely fast. VR on the other hand is painfully slow.

pompombrum1246d ago

Vet ranks still as bad as they were at launch then? Having to go over the other faction's areas really put me off the game, pretty sad if they still have that in the game.

OmegaShen1246d ago

True, but people that can pay money and level up faster then not paying is op.

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