Final Fantasy VII Remake: The Dream Voice Cast

An improbable yet intriguing ensemble.

A.J. says: "It's almost inevitable that the newly announced remake of Final Fantasy VII will include voice actors. Considering no one has any idea who they'll be, I thought I would share who I think would be perfect for the job. Of course, I'm being creative and pretending like the game will be completely recast even though the cast of Advent Children was superb. It's all in good fun. Anyway, my dream team may be unrealistic, but I'm looking forward to Square Enix doing a great job of giving new life to their characters in this long-awaited remake."

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porkChop1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

This was a pretty terrible list to be completely honest.

You know who they should get for the voice cast? The voice cast from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Most of the same cast voiced their characters in the Kingdom Hearts games as well, so I don't see SE changing any of the actors.

swishersweets200311272d ago

I was going to say the same thing just get the people from the movie.

iamtehpwn1271d ago

I'm so used to the people who've voiced these characters in Advent Children/Crisis Core/Kingdom Hearts Series/Dissidia that I would actually be disappointed if they weren't the voice actors for the remake tbh. Through all those games I've kinda established that's what they sound like in English.

BinaryMind1271d ago

I can't believe the article says "It's almost inevitable that the newly announced remake of Final Fantasy VII will include voice actors. Considering no one has any idea who they'll be," I don't see why most voice actors from the movie won't be reprising their roles.

GameSpawn1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

As long as there are no conflicts or signing issues they will get most of the same voice actors as Advent Children. It is easier to resign people you've worked with before than to recast and sign all new people.

I just couldn't imagine Vincent as anyone else other than Steve Blum. His dark brooding voice was perfect.

Shadow Flare1271d ago

I didn't like the English voice cast from advent children. I thought they were poor voice actors and didn't sound as I imagined the characters would.

However I thought the Japanese voice actors were spot on perfect. They all sounded as I imagined they would. Especially Cloud and Sephiroth. I hope very very much that they have the option to hear Japanese voices for the remake. I may even go to the extent of buying the Japanese version of the game if needs be

Lord_Sloth1271d ago

Dilly dally shilly shally!


I just want dual audio. Square is awful with their dub works.

Adrian_v011271d ago

Voice actors? But FF VII had no voice actors, it was text scrolling. They should stay true to the original, no voices! /s -.-

deadpoolio3161271d ago

REMAKE.....R.E.M.A.K.E....Its already been said that they will be some changes to modernize certain things, don't know what to tell you buts its 2015 not 1997, anyone with half a brain knew they weren't going to just straight up keep it exactly the same without modernizing certain things...They may keep text in the game itself, but they aren't going to waste the money doing CGI cutscenes and leave them silent with text

Adrian_v011271d ago

You just went full retard. Never go full retard.

For future reference, a /s at the end of a post indicates sarcasm.

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DarkBlood1272d ago

Casting two face for cloud? Well ironic as that may be kind of makes twisted sense.

this is some dreamcast lol

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1271d ago

Is this supposed to be a joke list or something?. This is just aweful. There are great actors on this list for sure but none of them are right for the part. I do not know yet who I would want to play most of the parts but one thing I know for sure is I want Beau Billingslea to play Barret. Beau played Jet Black in Cowboy Bebop and Barret in the Final Fantasy Advent Children movie and I think he sounded perfect in my opinion.

KimikoGaming1271d ago

Troy Baker for all Male characters.

Laura Bailey for all Female characters.

We now have the same voice cast as at least half of localized JRPGs

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