Star Wars: Battlefront Local Split Screen Feels Old School With Modern Flair | Entertainment Buddha

EB: The demo took place on Tatooine, which looked phenomenal, even on just half of a screen. Lighting, textures, and character models all look pristine, so much so it felt like I was part of the Star Wars universe that molded me into the geek that I am today. The sound design also oozes Star Wars, with everything from blaster fire to comm-chatter sounding just like they do in the movies. DICE’s extensive time spent at the Lucasfilm archives has definitely paid off, both in terms of the game’s visuals and sound, so I think Star Wars fans will appreciate the world that has been crafted in Battlefront.

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA1274d ago

Easily one of my favorite demos from E3, but still bummed there is no dedicated campaign.

nX1274d ago

DICE sucks at campaigns anyway, I'm okay with it if that results in more content and a better MP experience in general. Split-Screen is heavily appreaciated as well, really cool for a game like this.

HAMM3RofBUDDHA1274d ago

yeah it works great, bigger HDTV's def help for it, but even on a small screen I think the effect will be pretty solid.

CannonB81273d ago

Agreed. I want to play it, but not that into Multiplayer games. If they even had a basic campaign, I'd be quite happy with that.

venom061273d ago

This is one of those cases where a campaign was not required.. It was so fun and immersive that it will barely even be missed... No other game game that feelin of immersion like Battelfront

venom061274d ago

man, this sounds like it was really fun to play..

FallenAngel19841273d ago

More games need to implement great split screen action

1273d ago
Rimeskeem1273d ago

I remember growing up with splitscreen..... good times.