Qore episode 03 to have Resistance 2 Beta Invite

Qore episode 03 is to contain and invite to the Resistance 2 Beta supposedly starting in September!

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sonarus3793d ago

It sucks to pay for qore but as long as they keep getting these exclusives, people will keep getting it. I hope there is no catch like in socom where qore beta users have to wait for some time or some crap like that

chasegamez3793d ago

im in
$3 for a beta give it 2 me
thats better that buying a game i dont want
(crack down)

AlterEgo3793d ago

I read that the quickest and most sure way to get into the beta was thru pre-ordering the game.

Due to that, I won't be picking up the next issue of Qore.

sonarus3793d ago

Yea that was for Socom. Not so sure about qore. For me, i was going to preorder anyway. But gamepro was supposed to be doing something for the beta. I doubt mere pre order will get you into the beta. I was going to pre order anyway so which ever way i am covered.

Lifendz3793d ago

It sucks to pay to play games online at all. Qore is optional. And it's not like it's...say...60 bucks a year or something along those lines. For a paltry 2.99 you can get the episode and the beta. If the beta sold for 2.99 in the stores you wouldn't complain. I tell ya, Sony gave us PSN for free and no one seems to appreciate it.

rroded3793d ago

nice so glad i got the membership lol

wish they'd release a bit earlier for us members so we dont have to deal with the server load so much tho.

Playstation Man3793d ago

Glad I paid for the full year. By the way, has the SOCOM Beta started? I haven't checked in ages!

AlterEgo3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

straight from an Insomniac Games developer himself (one of them)

^^^ That's James Stevenson.

He posted that a short while ago, and then this:

You can google him...or go to the Playstation Blog and find numerous posts from him there...

He just happens to also be a member of NeoGAF ;-D

Not sure why I got all those disagrees earlier lmao but hey...I don't care. The writing's on the wall!

sonarus3793d ago

Hmmm. Well i'll wait for beta details before pre ordering.

gambare3793d ago

Just like Naruto, I'll wait for the demo.

AlterEgo3793d ago

Nah, I feel you. I'm not running out and pre-ordering either...but mostly because I don't pre-order games AND I think I'm gonna be shipped off (military) before the game comes out.

In other regards to a Limited Edition, he says: "Stay Tuned"

morganfell3793d ago

Yeah the writing is on the wall and it says Qore is a great buy. I have no doubt the guy is from Insomniac and legit. However, what he says does not negate the fact that the beta is a side and sure benefit of Qore along with other betas and some great material.

Also it is very likely he doesn't fully understand the Qore situation and the Sony designs and as such his info may not be exactly accurate. A lead designer or even a producer doesn't often have insight to publisher plans and designs.

UnasFortuna3793d ago

I don't really care if it is a slightly delayed beta start (ie: socom). It is an "easy in" (guaranteed). I signed up for the full Qore membership and don't regret it one bit. But for games like this... will be preordering so I don't have to wait in line and can just go into my store and pick up my copy without worrying if my store will have a copy. This will be a major game and I for one, can't wait.

morganfell3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Not only that but since I already have the game preordered, I will take that second beta invite and give it to one of my new friends that just wised up, sold his Xbox 360 and bought a PS3.

And I preorder games. Why? I buy a lot of games. A lot. At the moment I have 19 PS3 preorders and 1 PS2 preorder (got love that 60GB with a 320GB drive). I had Too Human preodered but the demo stunk so badly I cancelled. When they lock a date down on Halo wars I will preorder that then.

I know I am getting the games anyway and I plan things out. Also it gives me the ability to do things at my local Gamestop with a phone call I could never do if I were not a customer that spends thousands of dollars a year in that store. Whether that is getting multiple Wiis held for me, or discounts it is all the same and a benefit of preordering something I am going to get anyway.

Tarasque3793d ago

Don't get me started on that bs of Golly geez live is 40 buck's a year blah, blah, blah sh1t. You paid 300 more dollar's for the machine also, you also had to go buy a Hdcable, you also had to buy a controller with forcefeedback, you also had to buy a headset, or how about 40 buck's for a demo. Would you people really get off that sh1t. Haven't you seen all the xbox fan's say they dont care to pay i don't mind paying little over 3 dollar's a month. Which intern i get what qore is on live for free. At least i am guarenteed to play with somebody online unlike the PSN service. As i stated about not being able to find a tekken online match when i first got the game.

marinelife93793d ago

The magazine itself is okay but if my subscription gets me into

Socom Beta
Resistance Beta
Killzone Beta
MAG Beta

then it will be worth the $25

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CViper3793d ago


IM NOT PAYIN FOR NUFFIN!!! but man.. tempting...

Drekken3793d ago

socom beta was tempting too. They took my cash and I never heard a word about it. Sooo I dont know about this one, even though I trust insomniac more.

Megaton3793d ago

Hoping to get a free invite for being a G.A.P member.

ChanDangle3793d ago

Been a G.A.P. member for 3 years and haven't been invited to squat.

Megaton3793d ago

You didn't even get the Metal Gear Online Beta invite? I thought all G.A.P members got that.

BulletToothtony3793d ago

if you don't have your ps3 registered they will assume that you don't own a ps3... pretty much everyone that i have asked that has been the problem..

I would double check if i was you.. I mean.. sony doesn't know if you bought a ps3 or not otherwise right.

Megaton3793d ago

Mine is registered. As far as I know, HOME Closed Beta is the only thing right now that requires registration. I got the MGO invite before I registered my PS3.

UnasFortuna3793d ago

I have been a member for a very, very long time and I have never gotten a game invite. If it wasn't for the Gamestop preorders, I would never have gotten on the MGO beta.

Megaton3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

That's strange. The afternoon they went out, the forums were flooded with threads about it. Seemed like pretty much everyone got one.

ATLRoAcH3793d ago

I'm a G.A.P. member with all my hardware registered and the "My Games" section fully updated. I got the T-Shirt and all that. I have never received a beta invite. Not even the MGO one.

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ChanDangle3793d ago

Already have an annual subscription so I'm there!

Many people knock it but it's entertaining and I enjoy it.