E3 2015 Game Of The Show: Horizon: Zero Dawn

Richard Drummond of Gaming Tech United writes:

"Every year at E3 there's a game that catches you off so off guard and invigorates your love and intrigue of gaming once again. Whether it be a sequel to a huge franchise, or a brand new IP, it is always nice to see a game that as it's playing your jaw is on the floor. That game for me this year is Guerrilla Game's newest IP: Horizon Zero Dawn."

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I-Hate-usernames1274d ago

Completely agree. It's good to have a new ip. Especially in this gen that is full of sequels. I dont mean sequels are bad but its better to have something different.

NinjaRichParty1274d ago

I completely agree brother. For instance, I love what I saw from Fallout 4, but I know what I'm gonna get from it for the most part. This game just gave me a sense of wonder and intrigue that needed to be applauded.

Palitera1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Talking about "that game that catches your attention", does anyone know where is Wild from last year's show? (Gamescom maybe)

When Horizon's gameplay started, I thought it could actually be Wild.

Kingthrash3601274d ago

Wild...rime too....missing.....but I know what it is...Sony never pulls all its cards at the same time...veteran move...sucker punch has theirs so does ssm...sound bend too...a lot going on in the backround...instead of showing some cg trailer of a game that's way off like ms does, they wait until gameplay can be shown ...they wait to let other games have the spotlight..very smart. Each big game will have its time.....think about it like this...they showed halo, gears, and tomb raider..when they should have split them. They should have showed halo, and tomb raider...then waited for BC to show gears ....that way recore would have had a bigger impact....something like that. It's sad because the biggest thing ms had was was muffled by backwards compatibility. The only thing being talked about is BC. Not gears..not Bc. 360 games..... Smh. This will hurt them.

InTheLab1274d ago

Game of show for me. Just watching this warrior trek through the grass and with RPG in mind I'm like...ok. Then robosaur out of no f^#&in where! So now I have a million questions and a good year of trying to avoid the answers until I play.

Kingdomcome2471274d ago

It was without a doubt the game that I'm most excited for along with Mankind Divided, ROTTR, and UC4.

Takwin1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

It's almost unbelievable that ANY game could win an E3 with the holy trinity (Final Fantasy VII remake, The Last Guardian, Shenmue 3), Fallout 4, Deus Ex, Uncharted 4, and Kingdom Hearts 3.

And yet, I also thought Horizon was the most intriguing.

GamingChip791274d ago

This game looks so bad ass! I'm glad people are giving it the recognition. So cool to see what Guerrilla is doing when they step out of the first person world.

NinjaRichParty1274d ago

Yeah! This is literally the inverse of what they usually do. An open world, colorful, female led game. I'm all for this game from what I've seen thus far. That demo really kicked ass.

Majin-vegeta1274d ago

Seems like everyone is all over this game.This game is the one I've seen getting a lot of coverage after E3 can't my hands on it.

NinjaRichParty1274d ago

Same here! I heard the behind closed door demo was really exciting as well.

Kingdomcome2471274d ago

Man, I'd really love to see that demo. This game just hits all of the right notes for me. It's way better than I envisioned it to be, and the concept art reveal alone from last year had already served to hype me up for the game. Big time kudos, Guerilla Games!

no_more_heroes1274d ago

I wouldn't say "Game of the Show", but it does look great. Looking forward to hearing more about it. Could be something like Monster Hunter but with robo-dinos.

GamingChip791274d ago

That's why I love video games. Everyone has their own tastes. It may have not been your GotS, but it was for a lot of people and that's awesome!

no_more_heroes1274d ago

It has the potential to be huge. I got what I REALLY wanted from this E3 with KH3, but in terms of new IP, I'm most impressed with this.

remixx1161274d ago

Not throwing flame at you, just curious what was game of show for you.....I know there was a lot of big names and nice games shown.

This took it for me but that rare pirate game was very interesting as well.

no_more_heroes1274d ago

I think I might say it was the best PS4 game shown. Best of the entire show, though? Still not sure. I want to say KH3 because I watched that gameplay trailer in stunned silence but there was so much at this E3 I'm probably forgetting something.

pivotplease1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Kind of agree. I'll buy the game and ei love Guerilla and everything but I'm still more excited about UC4 simply because we still don't know how any of the RPG elements work aor how scripted some parts of that gameplay were. I'm optimistic that it will be a very dynamic open-world but you always have to wait for the reality instead of getting carried away by hype.

Could be game of the show though simply because the Uncharted segment was primarily driving and The Last Guardian demo didn't really show off much of the game's potential, and Dreams didn't show us how the content related to gaming. It was more like a movie maker.

MasterCornholio1274d ago

I am very interested in this title.

I would like to see more.

garos821274d ago

thats how you do a reveal : with some gameplay! I hate CGI only reveals so this was a refreshing new surprise

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