Guerrilla Games: We're Busy Working on Horizon, but Killzone Is Waiting

Guerrilla Games clarifies the status of the Killzone franchise.

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Abash949d ago

I'm sure Killzone 5 is being worked on partially as they finish Horizon and Rigs

Ghost_of_Tsushima949d ago (Edited 949d ago )

I don't know why Guerrilla Cambridge doesn't make Killzone for PS4 while Guerilla Games makes Horizon.

the_dark_one949d ago

who says they are not? they can work in various projects at same time

freshslicepizza949d ago

i say drop killzone and make new ip's, hporizon looks so much better than the killzone games.

Crimzon949d ago

I'd like to see them do a take on Killzone that returns to the setting of KZ2 and KZ3 (it had much more interesting environments, such as the freaky jungle area) and maybe try making a game focused on squad-based combat set in the same universe. I always wondered what a Killzone game in the style of Gears of War would be like, just small 4v4 or 5v5 fights with crazy weaponry like the nailgun from KZ2 or the crazy green blob gun from KZ3. Would be nice to have jetpacks and mechs make a return as well.

Either ways Shadowfall was terrible and I hope any future games go back to the KZ2/KZ3 style instead.

AliTheSnake1949d ago

Screw killzone. They should have been working on horizon a long time ago.The potential of that game is outstanding

SweatyFlorida949d ago

Because Sony is and should be focused on getting content onto their new device. No one is begging for another Killzone, might as well make games for something that's gonna need it out of the gate to gain attention.

krypt1983949d ago

I agree killzone has always been trash and more of a tech demo

SniperControl949d ago

Would love another KZ, gameplay and graphics in Shadowfall were fantastic, only thing letting it down was the disjointed story line.

b163o1949d ago (Edited 949d ago )

I reading everybody's comments saying "screw killzone", "drop killzone", and get this " make it like gears!"....are you'll serious? Killzone Has its own cult following, Gears takes a page from killzone with its gritty and heavy gameplay. Gears MP is weak as hell, compared to KZ which has one of the best MP IMO. If you don't like it, don't pick it up simple as that, I've played Gears, and Halo, and left them years ago, I don't like them so I don't play them, that's my opinion. Killzone shadow fall was rushed IMO new system had to have a franchise game to launch with understood, but the next KZ will kick ass quote me on that lol. LMAO "Make it like Gears" some people should think before the speak....LLF.
Gears Sux, but hey that's just my opinion...

Omar91949d ago

@b1 gears has weak multiplayer? Are you nuts? Its by far one of the most addicting multiplayers if you put some work into it. Its deep and engaging, satisfying kills amd strategic team style gameplay makes it unique in its own way. Killzones online was okay for the most part and i did enjoy my time with it but no where near as much as I did with gears. I know its your opinion but I just cant believe you think gears online is "weak".

Conzul949d ago (Edited 949d ago )

Killzone only lacks in storytelling. The gameplay, gfx, and AI are superb and will remain that way.
They just need new writers. Currently the characters and plots are inexcusably boring for a Sci-Fi Opera.

FFXI101948d ago (Edited 948d ago )


I agree with you, that's exactly how I feel after playing the Shadow Full.
To me, the game itself is still the best looking game on the PS4. Everything else is just like you said, superb. However, when it comes to the store of Shadow Full some part feel disconnected. In my opinion, Killzone 2&3 had better script than the Shadow Full. That being said, I'm still looking forward to the next Killzone game, and I hope to see The next Resistance game as well, but maybe have someone else making it instead of Insomniac.

ChronoJoe948d ago

I would rather their lead studio worked on the next big instalment in the Killzone franchise.

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chrish1990949d ago

Personally, I'd love another one for the Vita. I dunno why, but I just find playing some titles on a handheld to be more involving, or intimate - not sure what word I'm looking for, but yeah, you get it.

Erik7357949d ago (Edited 949d ago )

ughhh I really don't care for killzone...the whole franchise is mediocre to me and the only one that seemed to catch my eye was Killzone 2...

Stuff like Horizon looks way cooler and I would rather see more orginal Ip's or even a sequel to Horizon because what I saw in that 3 minute demo had already a more interesting universe,more interesting looking characters, and better atmosphere than the past killzone's COMBINED......seriously so many sony fanboys over hype this generic FPS since killzone 3.....killzone shadow-fall felt like a glorified sc-fi COD to me....other than the little drone you had it was still a hardly used gameplay element that had so much potential.

Please prove me wrong in saying Killzone shadowfall was not a great game,cause if that game is good I'm just gonna go out and say every COD game is a master piece too.......the only reason it's still around is because Sony executives want a fps to compete with Halo and they think Americas love anything that's fps...which I guess might be true with the way I see people praising killzone shadowfall it might be true!

GameDev1949d ago

Killzone shadowfall was mediocre, I liked the gameplay (especially use of the OWL) , story not so good but actually followable unlike say Destiny, COD, Battlefield games, also Halo 4(the story bored me to death)

Fact is that the Killzone franchise is a success in multi-millions and as Hermen Hulst (one of Killzones head of devs) said, People who they newly employed actually wanted to work on Killzone shadowfall while the rest of the team worked on Horizon

Also the Killzone franchise is different from other FPS especially Halo in my opinion. Its more dark humour with added comic effect (I mean listen to the dialogue of enemies in shadowfall) the game doesnt try to take itself seriously

I also disagree Sony made Killzone to go against Halo if they did then why also make Resistance IP? They just needed FPS titles in their catalogue

And I for one love Killzone's gameplay and atmosphere, the story of the Killzone universe does need a lot of work

Plus the next Killzone is likely to be from Cambridge who did a great job with Killzone mercnary so I do want more Killzone

Monolith949d ago

I'll prove your wrong. I loved shadow fall. From the graphics to the amazing soundtrack later in the game. Story was good. It's was a great ride. There you go proved you wrong.

Kleptic949d ago

I have a lot of respect for Killzone was easily one of the most unique shooters of last gen, and imo one of the very best...It stood on its own, didn't borrow from anything else (other than 'playing as a gun')...and the devs weren't afraid to make it feel completely different to other multiplayer games...

which sadly is probably why it never took off to that unavoidable degree that CoD, BF, and Halo have/had...

Killzone 3 was a huge let down for me...people whining about color, which i still will never understand...KZ2 is still one of the best looking games of all time to me)...and the whole thing going from a cinematic'ly appropriate filter emphasizing a lighting engine that is still more complex than some recent brown?...just bugged me, it was a sign of them giving in to people that really didn't care, just wanted their voices to be heard...Multiplayer suffered a similar fate, points flying around, speeding things up, and quickly getting way out of hand balance wise...

Never played Shadow Fall...but from what i kept hearing it was the weakest of the 3, and if true i'll never i barely could find a reason to finish kz3...

kneon949d ago


I don't think there is much wrong with the stories in the KZ games, the problem is in the story telling. As I've said before, a mediocre story told brilliantly, is better than a good story told badly.

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joab777949d ago

Hopefully they learn alot more from this and K4 is even better than before.

RedDevils949d ago

Killzone is a meh game imo I rather they focus on different genre like they're doing with Horizon

UKmilitia949d ago

i have enjoyed all killzones but i want to see what else such a talented team can make and i love the look of rigs and cannot wait for horizon.

oasdada949d ago

They should reboot the killzone franchise.. nd keep it gritty please

bjmartynhak948d ago


Story-wise they could reboot it.

MP-wise, keep it awesome!

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-Foxtrot949d ago

I'd rather see their main team work on new things. Killzone needs a reboot or something

I wouldn't mind a third person one, that might be pretty good.

Erik7357949d ago

IMO killzone 2 was the only one that was above mediocre for me....

Spotie949d ago

Thanks for wasting both bubbles complaining.

pivotplease948d ago

I would say both k2 and k3 were above mediocre although k2 was pretty perfect as far as fps go (minus the story). The first was pretty subpar and shadowfall while mediocre still lead the industry in terms of graphics. Some of the new gameplay elements felt gimmicky but it was still fun.

GameDev1949d ago

Well they are working on something new now obviously but they should be allowed to delve back into the Killzone franchise that actually made them popular with fresh ideas

I actually want a third person Killzone, the game would actually be better that way

-Foxtrot949d ago (Edited 949d ago )

I would like the third person aswell because it feels like they always try and get into the story side of things. Every Killzone game I hear something about the story which in the end the whole thing falls flat on it's face.

For me I think it's because it's a FPS and you can't really connect with a character you can't see. The guy in Shadow Fall was boring as hell and so generic...I honestly can't even remember his name.

Least with third person it allows them to do something a little bit like Uncharted, especially with other characters who are walking with you.

I would like it if it was rebooted and focused on the start of the war like a retelling but instead of a soldier you play a woman who despite coming from a military background didn't want to fight...until now when she gets herself roped into the war and must survive. Throw in some heavy stealth gameplay at the start when she's less experience and close the game off with her putting her new skills she's learnt to use.

DeletedAcc949d ago (Edited 949d ago )

wonder if guerilla decides to end the series with killzone 4 with an endless high note like naughty dog is doing with uncharted. and bring tlou games out after that or new ip , obviously. and guerilla can continue with horizon 2, 3

man... this, U4 and TLG will be the big 3 this gen.

okay until tlou2 comes out.

Zay949d ago

Nah, I think Guerrilla Cambridge will takeover the franchise and reboot it by 2017/2018.

pivotplease948d ago

Still have unmeasureable levels of hype for Persona 5 and Kingdom Hearts 3.

Majin-vegeta949d ago

Sweet can't wait for more KZ.I have a feeling GC is making the next KZ title ;).

MonsterChef949d ago

I've said this numerous times, guerrilla picked the wrong side to focus its story on, focus on the helgan uprising from an emphatic point of view someone who's torn apart about turning against the ISA but has to help his helgan can't create an iconic villain and create half ass stories for them... The ISA always reminded me of marcous fenix from gears so douchy and all they need to be taken down

Zay949d ago

I think they should reboot Killzone with a different writer. I liked Killzone especially Shadow Fall but I felt like the story could've been stronger with a better writer.

Germany7949d ago

I really liked Shadow Fall too.

Rodney25949d ago

What would really draw people in, is playing as a helgast for once and seeing the story from their prospective. Don't make 90% evil to the core drones because they're struggle is commendable, they just want freedom. The ISA has been shown to be somewhat curropt so play that up a tad. The best villians are ones that even if you don't agree with them, you can understand them.