Should We Be Worried About Devil's Third?

Justin from Controller Crusade writes:
"Another E3 has come and again, and games both near and far have been showcased to journalists and the world at large. Of particular note is Nintendo, who made some waves with what they did (or didn't) show in their annual digital Event. Despite the seemingly light load of games featured in the Digital Event, Nintendo's E3 booth actually had plenty to play across both the Wii U and 3DS. However, their is one game that was conspicuously absent during the Digital Event and wasn't even mentioned on the show floor. This game is releasing this year in Europe and Japan, yet we had no trace of it at E3. I'm talking, of course, about Devil's Third."

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leemass241271d ago

Thier probably going to do a direct on it in july as it launches in japan early august, like what they did with some previous games.

wonderfulmonkeyman1271d ago

I wouldn't be surprised; It would give them the chance to do a bigger direct focused around just that, instead of including a smaller bit of it into their E3 presentation.

AJBACK2FRAG1271d ago

Why was Tomonobu Itagaki saying his body is ready in regard to E3? That's my number one game for the year and not seeing it at e3 was like wtf?

AJBACK2FRAG1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Don't even say Nintendo might not release Devil's Third in North America . I don't even want to think that. This writer is trying to freak me out. Itagaki has stated the game was nearly finished!!!! Why no release date for North America dammit?