EVE: Valkyrie E3 Preview – VR’s Killer App Has Finally Arrived

David Jagneaux from The Koalition writes: "This time last year I was a firm believer that VR was a passing fad that would die down in time just like 3D did for televisions. It’s cool to talk about and think about, but it’s too expensive, a hassle to use properly, and not as great once you take it home. Since then though, I’ve experienced such a wide range of fascinating new technologies that are being utilized for VR and, more importantly, enjoyed them immensely. As a result, I can gladly claim that I was absolutely wrong about VR and EVE: Valkyrie is the perfect example."

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bunt-custardly1246d ago

Hearing good things generally about this game. A shame Sony didn't spend a tiny bit more time on it during their media briefing. It's games like this which are needed to sell VR to the naysayers.