Forza Motorsport 6 is Microsoft’s most ambitiously designed game for Xbox yet

Forza Motorsport 6 is the most beautiful, technically advanced, and comprehensive Forza game yet and Matthew Dunn of Couriermail takes a look at all the features which make Forza Motorsport 6 unique.

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emilijo7771154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

Let's hope that at least Forza 7 will have day/night cycles and weather changes when Forza 6 couldn't - something that GT5 had in 2010.

Gran Turismo 1 metacritic 96
Gran Turismo 3 metacritic 95
Gran Turismo 2 metacritic 93
Forza 1 metacritic 92
Forza 3 metacritic 92
Forza 4 metacritic 91
Forza 2 metacritic 90

Gran Turismo franchise 70+ million sold
Forza franchise 10+ million sold

Gran Turismo superior.

freshslicepizza1154d ago

funny how he ends at gran turismo 3.

gran turismo 4 metacritic 89
gran turismo 5: prologue metacritic 80
gran turismo 5 metacritic 84
gran turismo 6 metacritic 81

forza 5 metacritic 79

so aside from forza 5 every one reached the 90's and i expect forza 6 to do the same. gran turismo needs to do something fresh because it's getting a bit stale and i hope they don't take the lazy route and not have all the cars with cockpit views and highly detailed models.

n4rc1154d ago

so did you not like seeing scores fall off so you only included the first 3 games?

Hysteria941155d ago

Cant wait for both this and Need for speed XD

danny8181155d ago

The fanboys disagreeing on this thread about Forza 6 being ambitious is too strong

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The story is too old to be commented.