Rise of the Tomb Raider has three times as much content as Tomb Raider 2013

Crystal Dynamics stated recently that Lara's next adventure will have significantly more content than the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot did.

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DarkOcelet944d ago

So it took me 25-30 hours to 100% the Tomb Raider so this will take me around 60-90 hours to 100%. Neat!

I really hope they have ditched the bad MP or improved marginally upon it. And no MP Achievements! They are the worst!

robtion943d ago

Loved the TR reboot. Agree about the MP trophies. I would have platinumed the game if not for them.

DarkOcelet943d ago

I did get the achievement but crap getting two prestige was effin tedious and boring.

And it was not fun at all.

Nirvana31591943d ago

It might have more content but visually it looks the same. Wish they'd stop making cross gen games already

Magicite943d ago

No, I think it means You wont waste your time to look for pointless GPS caches, relics or documents, but do some better activities (I really hope).

943d ago Replies(6)
943d ago Replies(6)
Grievous943d ago

Sad that today most people focus on quantity instead of quality. I don't want to wade through dozens of hours of meaningless treasure hunts. Given me 10-20 hours of great storyline and intrigue.

Earlier Tomb Raiders were pretty linear but they had interesting and challenging puzzles with very different locales. It felt like you were actually on the hunt for something. The reboots have more in common with the average third person shooter than Tomb Raider.

andresegr943d ago

Great! Cant wait to play it on my Ps4.

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The story is too old to be commented.