The Division E3 2015 Hands-On Preview | Twinfinite

"The Division feels like a Frankenstein of a bunch of different borrowed ideas from other popular games. It controls like many other popular third-person shooters but has RPG-like character customization and abilities. Sprinkle in some MMO-like open world mechanics and you have quite the stew."

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GigawattConduit1246d ago

Is this going to be like Destiny where there's sort of a story there for the solo players, or is this purely just a multiplayer affair?

Germany71245d ago

Looks like it will be multiplayer only, i prefer single-player games so that's not for me.

hiredhelp1245d ago

This is 100% MP on big scale.

bondsmx1245d ago

Does anyone actually know if the game moves to a fps style when you ads, so you can actually use the sights on the guns? Kinda how all the old ghost recons were, or even the new ghost recon is like that. I had always hoped this would be that way as well, but I've watched all the e3 vids and not once did someone actually use the sights and ads.

Gh05t1245d ago

Too early to tell if it works? This things been delayed longer than a nerd losing his virginity. At what point in time will we know if the concept works? After its out... what a load of crap.

I was super excited for this game when it first showed but now im losing all interest in it the more i hear about it the less information i feel is actually given. Not to mention the delays.