Media Molecule's 'Dreams' is for YouTubers and Twitch streamers

It's clear from chatting with Evans and studio creative director Mark Healey that, much like the nature of dreams themselves, development of the title took on a stream-of-consciousness approach.

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AgentSmithPS41272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Now it'll be even more fun watching gals like kaceytron when they're waving the move controllers around. It's a dream-s come true ;).

Edit - wow after actually reading that entire thing I'm even more excited for this 'game'!
"There is a possibility the title will be released in beta" Great so people can start making amazing things and then be tempted to buy the VR so their experience is even better.

I like how all/part of user created content can be shared (w/ credit) so it will be faster to slap stuff together when I make a movie, and the slomo effect is cool in the video during the 'spaceship' part.