Batman Arkham Knight Limited Edition Delayed

Bad news once again, Batman fans. After the recent cancellation of the Batmobile Edition of Arkham Knight, the Limited Edition has suffered a delay.

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-Foxtrot1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )


I finally managed to pre order the statue edition by bloody luck literally I pre ordered it and it must of been the last one as it went out of stock again

Then this shit happens to me....AGAIN

What the f*** is going on, they must of known about these things for ages.

The statue wasn't done by ProjectTriForce like the Batmobile so I don't understand how both editions are suffering from so called "quality problems".

xHeavYx1273d ago

Lol, just wait till you put the disk in and start hearing funny noises. Maybe some mystic force doesn't want you playing the game.

deadpoolio3161273d ago

I highly doubt it has anything to do with the game disc....Chances are there are quality control issues with the statue....At least this time they're stopping it before it releases.

Arkham Asylum had issues with the Batarangs in the CE and they still shipped them...Origins had issues with not having enough Joker statues and they made people wait. Better they be proactive than do nothing

xHeavYx1273d ago

I was referring to his bad luck in a sarcastic way ¬_¬

-Foxtrot1273d ago

If it does that after all this I'll throw the bloody thing out the window...and then office space it.

Xman2K1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Man that sucks because after the initial batch I doubt anyone will buy it at a later date, especially as the game got a review score of 7 or something, so no buy for me

ProfessorCrab1273d ago

Gamespot gave it a 7 to be different. Every other reviewer pretty much gave it a 9-10. Either Gamespot just wants attention, or the reviewer just legitimately didn't like it. One random guys opinion shouldn't control whether you play the game or not.

Brunire1273d ago

I see what you did there...

the_dark_one1273d ago

well gamespot are always like this. attention seeker whores, they gave some ridiculous scores to some games. but again maybe you right and the reviewer really didnt fall in love with it, who know?

arkard1273d ago

Since when is a 7 a bad game?

MetroidFREAK211273d ago

You're the reason this gaming community sucks. Not buying a game based on someone's opinion and score? Are you serious? Why not try it for yourself? Buy a used copy, don't like it, return it for your money back. Just because one person gave it a lower score than you expected is a pitiful reason to not buy a game... When you learn that lesson, let me know

Germany71273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

An irrelevant site gave 7, bigger sites like IGN and GameInformer gave an awesome score. And are you really decide your purchase based on review scores?

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ThichQuangDuck1273d ago

I am sorry Foxtrot it is a little comical,but is quite poor. I guess buy 2 copies hahahah really show support

Lighter91273d ago

Sorry to hear that, man. I've been downloading my games for awhile. Maybe you should go that route. I was also going to pre order at least one of these ltd editions, but ended up going with digital.

iSuperSaiyanGod1273d ago

But you can't look at the awesome cases on your shelf that way

Lighter91273d ago


I was willing to make an exception for Batman, but look at what would've happened if I had made it.

UKmilitia1273d ago

i would lock yourself in a room for the weekend.
bad luck normally comes in threes.

RosweeSon1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

If you only ordered a few days ago what's the big deal the weathers nice go out and enjoy the weekend. I mean seriously, chill out, people are dying and your bat mobile was cancelled... Your not alone so was mine, and now your lucky enough to get what you wanted but it's delayed, not cancelled your still getting it. Some people couldn't get the Batmobile at all and order these months ago I can imagine they are pretty annoyed as its gonna be a week or 3 later but come on bubbles gone to ya head. We all like are games I certainly do but your the first to comment and it's normally FML! Or F this developer or F this supplier, S happens.
... Just read your second post, throw it out the window... Get a grip.

-Foxtrot1273d ago

" people are dying "

That's my problem how?

"Just read your second post, throw it out the window"

It's joke like xHeavYx funny, sarcastic comment towards me.

I think you are the one who needs to chill. Practice what you preach.

fanboysmackdown1273d ago

If you were starving, living on the steets and had no legs, I would have pity. To know that isn't the case boohoo. I preordered both too and my limbs are still intact, I have a roof over my head and grubb in the icebox.

Gority1273d ago

Maybe you got mine :-) I cancelled my limited edition preorder.

jcnba281273d ago

Calm down, it's just a toy ¬_¬

FullmetalRoyale1273d ago

Yeah man I saw your post reacting to losing the batmobile statue(and all the subsequent details surrounding it), I'm really sorry that you had this happen TWICE. Obviously it sucks for people that bought this edition and had it delayed, but I think your personal situation is particularly cringe-inducing.

Sorry that crap is happening to you, man. Me personally I'm going to get the GoTY edition, but I would be very unhappy if they cancelled my Pip-Boy a week from release. Sorry for long post, I just feel for you.

-Foxtrot1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

I didn't mind after because I managed to get a Statue edition on Amazon. Like the moment I got it I thought "Gee my luck has turned around" and I was fine. Even better was that it was pretty much the last one, I came back to the page after ordering and the Statue edition was gone again. So after I just thought I was in the clear

Then this shit happens.

As a big fan and a collectors edition guy all I want is to support a franchise by buying the best edition out's like they don't want my money

Even worse is that there's STILL no explanation on this and I mean a detailed one. Warner Bros are giving the New 52 skins to...and get this....EVERYONE and saying that those skins are our compensation when they are giving them out for people who weren't affected aswell. I mean what the f*** ¬¬

Germany71273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Sorry to hear it Fox, you and a lot of people bought the most expensive edition already and will receive the game later, that's really pathetic from the publisher, i wonder how many people will buy a collector's edition again from them in the future, after that fiasco.

-Foxtrot1273d ago

The funny part is if this is ProjectTriforces fault, the people who made the Batmobile and gave us the crappy quality Dragon Age Inquisition collectors edition, then get this.

They are doing the Halo 5 Statue in the collectors edition. You know the thing which costs £199.

I hope Microsoft drop them after this. You do not want to risk it with these guys especially with Halo 5.

antz11041272d ago

They've been doing this since AA when they did a last minute replacement on the collectors edition, switching out a replica batarang for a garbage plastic knockoff. I really don't get why people are still surprised.

ifistbrowni1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

so uhm... you guys are still assuming it's an issue with the batmobile? How about looking into what the two editions have in common, like the Comic book or something.

I doubt the Batmobile toy is what canceled the game now that it's announced the LTD is delayed.

Maybe to books or pamphlets that come with the game were shoddy, lost, or they didn't make enough.

Unless it's been confirmed that the Batmobile is why that version was cancelled. If so, I must have missed that news.

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bondoo7xbl1273d ago

It says this time it's something wrong with the packaging. It's unclear if that means something like the steelbook, or just the outer box.

I had both pre ordered on X1, Now it looks like my additional 3rd copy of the game that I got on PS4 wasn't such a frivolous move

PizzaSteve1273d ago

Why you need 3 copies? Save your money.

bondoo7xbl1273d ago

Long story. I wanted both statues, and then I also wanted it on PS4 for the exclusive missions etc. By which time the Special editions were OoS.

Xman2K1273d ago

Literally why this is a money grabbing, fan exploiting company. So ridiculous to have so many versions, yet they know certain people will buy multiple copies out of impulse, taking advantage and exploitation of the fanbase

Immorals1273d ago

Guess these guys will be hiring for quality control soon.

Better get working on my CV!

reaperman1273d ago

Just got the email as well.. The release of Batman: Arkham Knight has just been one huge clusterf**k. First the Batmobile edition is cancelled completely due to the incompetence of Project Triforce, and now the packaging of the other limited edition if f**ked!!! Well props to Amazon for sending us the code so we can still play it on release day while waiting for out limited editions.

bondoo7xbl1273d ago

Yeah, I'm incredibly impressed with Amazon's approach to the situation

deadfrag1273d ago

Can you get the code and them just canel the limited edition pre-order?

aLucidMind1273d ago

If it's just a digital code, you'd likely be charged the cost of the base game and refunded the remaining portion.

ifistbrowni1272d ago

or just sell the game new once you get all the crap out of the LTD edition that you want (unless codes are sealed inside the case).

What an idiot move by Amazon. Used copies will be flooding the shelves... Not because the game is bad, but because people who bought their LTD editions through amazon will get no use out of the physical game.

Agent_00_Revan1273d ago

Woah! They're sending out codes for a digital copy of the game for free! That's not a bad deal. I'll take the hit of a few days or a week. Hopefully it's not much longer than that.