Kinect Is Not Dead, Microsoft Says

Microsoft did not talk about its motion-sensing Xbox peripheral Kinect during the company's E3 briefing this week or at all during the show itself. Some fans might be wondering how committed Microsoft is to the technology considering it didn't take any time to talk about it at the year's biggest gaming show.

But now, Xbox executive Aaron Greenberg has spoken out to assure fans that Kinect is here to stay.

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Bigpappy1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

There was actually a new Kinect games announced this week. So there's that. Boom ball I believe

Nirvana315911273d ago

It was dead on arrival. I sold mine for $20

Monster_Tard1273d ago

You got ripped, I sold mine on Ebay for 90.

SonofGod1273d ago

You're probably the biggest PS fanboy here on N4G. You don't even have an XO LOL.

ATi_Elite1273d ago

Microsoft "Kinect isn't dead and we are strong supporters of the pc platform"

Translation - you can buy a Kinect and you can buy our OS but don't expect any killer games. Actually don't expect any games because Kinect was just a money grab and a new OS highlighting gaming but no games from us is well just a money grab also.

lemoncake1273d ago

With the introduction of cortana which requires a kinect it's safe to say it's not completly dead.

bubblepopper1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Yay. A feature that could have just as easily been implemented with a simple microphone.

dcbronco1273d ago

Not really. Doesn't Kinect itself contain the actual recognition ability. I remember when Mass Effect added voice they said it was easy on Xbox because Kinect did all of the voice recognition. You remove it and you have to program for every interaction with every program. Plus I'm sure Kinect would work better for Cortana just like Mantle works well with amd cards and worse with NVIDIA cards. Companies gear things toward their equipment m

bubblepopper1273d ago

@dcbronco I stated this before in a comment below... Tomb Raider Definitive Edition on PS4 implemented speech recognition into the game through use of just a microphone. No additional hardware needed.

dcbronco1273d ago

The problem is microphones don't do voice recognition on their own. Someone has to code the game to recognize the signals from the mic. Kinect doesn't require much additional programming as it does the heavy lifting part of the act.

A mic is like having GPS in a normal car. Tell it you want to go home and it marks the way. Kinect is like having GPS in a automated car. Tell it you want to go home and it marks the route and then drives you there. It a huge difference.

bubblepopper1273d ago

@dcbronco But the processing power of the PS4 was enough to do it alongside normal gameplay AND have 60fps, whereas the XB1 version of Tomb Raider Definitive ran at 30fps. That was back when The XB1 was still holding back 10% of it's power for the Kinect's usage. What was the point then?

MasterCornholio1273d ago


Your talking about cortana right?

Well on any windows 10 PC you don't need Kinect to use it. Which proves you don't need Kinect on an X1 to use cortana. Just a microphone which is what the majority of Windows 10 PCs will use.

dcbronco1273d ago Show
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rainslacker1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

DC may be right on this point. I know a lot of people consider Kinect just a camera and mic, but it's a pretty sophisticated setup of camera's and a mic array with it's own sound processors to filter sound and process the relevant information for the computer itself. It also handles the actual motion capture processing and just sends the skeleton coordinates to the application.

On a PC, there is pretty much unlimited resources available for such things, but on a console, the amount of resources that can be dedicated to that is nowhere near as much, nor would you really want it to be given for sound processing anyways.

If MS didn't include it built into the X1 through sound co-processors, which is likely if it's built into the Kinect, then it makes the most sense.

Not saying Cortana on Xbox One won't work with a mic, but it may be laggy and not be ideal while also playing a game.

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fermcr1273d ago

"Kinect Is Not Dead"

It's not dead... it's almost dead.

kneon1273d ago

No it's not, it's just pining for the Fjords :)

OUROSMAG1273d ago

Of course they are saying that, you need it for Cortana which will be a big push for them here soon.

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