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GameOnDaily's Ed discusses the glut of winter releases and why he feels why it gives everyone a bad deal.

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Volkama1246d ago

Yes! I get that games sell well towards the holidays, but it's so heavily weighted at the moment that it's a shock to the system going from drought to drowning.

I try to prioritise multiplayer games. Single player games don't diminish over time, so you can pick them up later and they're just as much fun. Multiplayer games are better when the community is active, so it's more critical to get them newish.

Septic1246d ago

I guess this is one problem with MS and their habit of releasing loads of titles at once, especially when third parties release their stuff too.

"I try to prioritise multiplayer games. Single player games don't diminish over time, so you can pick them up later and they're just as much fun."

Yup same here. Need to capitalise on the noobs!

ShottyatLaw1245d ago

I personally feel like 2014 was a lot tougher to find new games to play, but it is an unfortunate situation all the same. It does look like the releases will start to come a little more spread out in 2016, too. I understand it takes time to reach that point in each generation, but it does make for some tough going early on.

At least we are reaching the point in this console generation where we are not starving for content, though. It gives us the added bonus of getting to buy some titles immediately (like the MP example), but we can also wait 4-5 months and pick up titles from our back-logs at great discounts.

joab7771245d ago

That's why so many choose to delay and head towards spring.

Now don't get me wrong, but I really think that this bottleneck hurts MD and helps Sony alot. At the moment, Sony doesn't have much to fall back on for the holiday. They have a comfortable lead, but share owners want to keep selling, not lose x-mas again.

Exclusives are huge in selling consoles. I think the presence of MGS5, Battlefront, Black Ops 2, and especially the gigantic Fallout 4 really hurt exclusives like Halo 5 and Tomb Raider. Many ppl may still have games to catch up on. So, instead of standing out with these monstrous exclusives, if ppl want to wait for Playstation, they can...b/c there will be plenty to play.

3-4-51245d ago

I never can buy all the games at once so I get to play some of them for $30,40,50 instead of $60 sometimes.

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urwifeminder1245d ago

That's cool be into gears , halo ,battlefront pc and forza year done sweet

Peace_Love_and_FPS1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

Close releases on holidays = crazy bundle deals, enough so I could do with my new Xbox One what I did with my PS4 last year, pick up a bundle with the limited edition console, decide if I prefer it over the stock, wait and then sell locally for more than I paid for the console itself. Get some awesome games at a discount too from the profit! :)

GoPanthers9991245d ago

I completely agree. If the major releases were more spreadout through the year there would be much more liklihood people would buy them. I plan to but SW Battlefront and Halo 5 at release, but will likely hold off on much else, other than what my kids ask for. If the big games were spread out every month or two, it would be far more likely I would buy them to try out something new.