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If you've come to Mad Max looking for a true videogame adaptation of the fantastic Mad Max: Fury Road film, you’ve come to the wrong place.

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marinelife91249d ago

The movie was one of the best action movies I've ever seen. The game was bound to be a letdown.

placiid1249d ago

I feel like im the only one who didn't think the movie was as good as other people thought it was.

hamburgerhill1249d ago

The recent game play reveal peeked my interest and got me to watch the older movies with Mel. I saw the new movie trailer and it just had this boring feeling to it that I new would never live up to the original. Had a date one night and with few movies to choose we went with Mad Max. Not even 5 minutes into it my eyes were glued to the screen all the way to the finish . Different strokes for different folks I guess but for me Mad Max is one of the best movies I've seen in a very very very long time.

OhMyGandhi1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

how so?
Brilliant direction, cinematography, PRACTICAL special effects with REAL stunts, incredible soundtrack and sound effects, pitch perfect pacing due to pitch perfect editing, breathtakingly original character and vehicle design, all in a movie that is ridiculously fun to watch. It marks the first time I've ever seen a movie twice in theaters. Both times IMAX, and in 3D.

People weren't saying it had the best writing, or the best characters, or that it stands next to Schindler's List as a prime example for heart breaking tragedy and showcases a moving depiction of some real life event...People were saying it was an incredibly risky movie to make, and it shouldn't exist in today's cinemas, as it harkens back to the old grindhouse b movies of yesteryear, in all the best ways possible. People said, (myself included) that it is a movie that SHOULD be studied in film school: How does a movie, a 2 hour chase movie no less, remain interesting to the very end? How is it that Mad Max can be so incredibly enthralling and succeed where so many have failed?

Hell, even the Bourne movies, with their 8 minute chase sequences feel they are grasping for straws after the three minute mark, how can a movie like Mad Max do it in 2 hours? The movie, in my opinion, remains of the finest action movies I've ever seen.

It actually reminds me of the opening sequence to Twister, where people are piling into their own cars, trucks and vans, and Philip Seymour Hoffman jumps into his "Barn Burner", blaring his music out of speakers affixed to the roof of his van, and shouting in excitement to go after tornadoes. It is that sense of adrenaline in that movie, but magically stretched out for 2 hours.

I loved Mad Max, but I know the movie is not for everyone.

And as for this game, I have faith in avalanche, we will have to wait and see.

Mikeyy1249d ago

I'm with you placiid, mad max 2 the road warrior is without a doubt the greatest max movie ever.

I had numerous problems with fury road.

1)max isn't even the main character. He has about 15 lines of dialog total. Movie should have been renamed Mad Maxi pad.

2)Nux and his kin. Wtf. What was Wrong with the post apocalyptic raiders with spiky leather outfits? These warriors in fury road act like children. Yet were supposed to fear them? This is immortan Joe's mighty army? Please.

3) not enough screen time for rictus erectus.

4) max is helpless this entire movie. Mel Gibson must have laughed his ass off previewing this movie, and the fact that he would have been reduced to a joke if he resumed the part.

I could go on but why bother. Was so let down...

AgentSmithPS41249d ago

Glad someone said it. I didn't hate the movie or love it, I just expected more, I guess the hype got to me. Another thing that surprised me was how it was rated R but it was a very weak sanitized/censored R which took away from the realism.

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Testfire1249d ago

I hope the game isn't an adaptation of the movie, true adaptations never work. I hope they've focused their efforts on a different story.

1249d ago
fermcr1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

Movie was great.

As for the game, I wasn't impressed by the gameplay I've seen so far.

Manubiggs1249d ago

Me neither - after the movie the gameplay just lloks so slow - though dont feel its fair to compare them

-Foxtrot1249d ago

Then don't compare it to the film then. It's a not a film tie in

Seriously I'm sick of people comparing it to the film AND THEN the film they use is Fury Road.

There is other Mad Max films you know and looking at the game it seems to keep more in line with the first two. Fury Road is a little over rated, it's like a spin off they've shoe horned Max into. Probably would have been better if they called it Furious Furiosa and have Max cameo at the end.

coolbeans1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

That's bound to happen when the only modern Mad Max is Fury Road though, and it does have stuff like the war boys and Gas Town in it.

"Fury Road is a little over rated, it's like a spin off they've shoe horned Max into. Probably would have been better if they called it Furious Furiosa and have Max cameo at the end"

I'm confused by this, considering that the Mad Max name has gravitated more towards it being the universe after the first one anyways. Road Warrior, Beyond Thunderdome, and Fury Road establish him as the vehicle of moving stuff forward to varying degrees.

-Foxtrot1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

The fact is the focus is on Furiosa and her mission in the majority of the film

Max has a small role and you could easily make up a new character that decides to help her. That didn't need to be Max at all it could have been anyone else because he was the side kick.

Like when he .... Instead of seeing what he did like we would in past Mad Max films we ended up staying on Furiosa only to see him come back bloody....I mean what the hell.

Then you have the fact it was like Road Warrior in terms of plot except in this film they backtrack.

"Oh hey lets go all away back because they aren't there anymore"

I'm sorry but as a Mad Max film it didn't go past Mad Max and Road Warrior. Even odd blood and gore scenes you would see (Shotgun in the face) were quickly cut off when something happened.

Obviously though it's better then Thunderdome.

coolbeans1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

But that's similar to just about every other MM after the first one too. Look at the disparity of focus between the 1 and the rest.

2 centers its location around a settlement; Thunderdome centers around Bartertown/the power gamble and the kids later on; Fury Road centers around Furiosa and getting the wives out.

It's not accurate to really consider his role in FR "small" either. He's instrumental in specific parts of the film. I can see where you're coming from with the misty scene but that could've easily been a pacing concern.

"Obviously though it's better then Thunderdome."

Now that we can absolutely agree on. Went downhill so quickly after the Thunderdome fight.

Neckbear1249d ago

I guess the real issue here is that the focus of Fury Road is towards feminist, liberal propaganda- which is incredibly distasteful in a Mad Max movie.

But no one will straight up complain about it, so I have to. It's technically a very good movie, but goddamn, way to ruin it.

coolbeans1249d ago

Really? The overblown Return of Kings blog on that is still making a fuss? I know some people try to downplay that instance but that's still seriously a complaint?

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Timesplitter141249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

Fury Road was the best Mad Max. That's why they're comparing the game to it.

Doesn't matter if Max wasn't at the center of it all

Hugodastrevas1249d ago

Depends on what you believe a Mad Max movie is all about. Mad Max road warrior was the best Mad Max this new one is a basterdization with the Mad Max name slapped on it.

MilkMan1249d ago

Can they just talk about the game and NOT compare it to the movie. :(

Palitera1249d ago

Specially when the movie is such a top tier action masterpiece, something very difficult to be achieved again by the game.

I still believe the game will be great.

urwifeminder1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

I thought the new movie was Thunderdome 2 like just awful filmed on location inside Michael bays left testicle living in a tornado ,starring Mad Theron and some quiet docile desert dweeb . Max stopped at the 2nd movie just glad I never had to pay .

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