Bungie actually has a Gjallarhorn for firing T-shirts

Promotional Destiny T-shirt anyone? No? How about one fired from a custom merch delivering Gjallarhorn. Yeah, that's more like it. The team at Bungie was glorying in the rather special weapon at E3, sending T-shirts flying at convention goers as they queued to play new expansion The Taken King and even ending the show with Gjallarhorn fireworks. Just don't expect this from Xur anytime soon.

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wakeNbake1249d ago

This gun ruined the game. Good luck finding raid partners without this weapon. People act as if its a merit of skill but obtaining it is just pure luck.

Palitera1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

Agreed. I played it for more than a hundred hours ONLY for this item, since I had everything else. Skill-wise, I was doing the raids about 10 times a week, just to help people.

Then the Ridiculous Number Generator got old.

Awesome game; Worst loot system I have ever seen. Won't buy the next DLC cow machines from Bungictivision.

Grap1249d ago

Well You shouldn't play this game in the first place, I F***ing hate this game, it's Pure S***. But complaining after playing hundreds of hours just for single item is kinda dumb.

Palitera1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

1. The game is very far from "Pure ****". Its core mechanics (shooting) is as good as can be. Really top tier.

2. My only ingame objective was yes, getting the one item I was missing. That said, I was having a lot of fun in the mean time, helping both friends and strangers, newcomers and veterans, so I really think my time was used in a better way than yours cursing in a webpage about a game you don't even like.

3. It wasn't hundreds. It was more than a hundred on this stage. ^^

4. I shouldn't play the game because you don't like it? There is something wrong in this "logic"...

Avernus1249d ago

Not a matter of skill really. Between 2 players, both have the same skill, people would probably take the guy with the Ghorn for obvious reasons.

When you're picking up randoms, everyone you don't know falls under the same "skill" lvl, so the one with the Ghorn is the obvious choice.

pompombrum1249d ago

The problem lays with the fact that people would rather take a good player with Ghorn over a great player who doesn't have one.

Baka-akaB1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

Having Ghorn and knowing it's easier for raid encounters , is a vague indicator that the guy at least played a lot till it dropped , unless very lucky , and would be considered experimented and ready for the easiest strats .

Of course being luck based , some people still dont have it despite playing since release , but it seems less likely to many people .

Anyway basically people have no way of knowing if the guy without it is better or even skilled , but it's easier with it .

And again not everyone is a jerk about it , there are still parties for the have not

Avernus1249d ago

How do you tell a random is better than the other random? You can't. That's why I'd rather go with the random WITH the Ghorn.

GameSpawn1249d ago

You can find raid partners with out Gjallarhorn. Yes it is harder, but if you are in the right place requesting you'll get someone to invite you. Probably the best place to find sherpas who care less whether or not you have Gjallarhorn is Reddit's Fireteams. Most of the Destiny players on Reddit have formed numerous alternative strategies.

Gjallarhorn is so easy requested on the LFGs because SO MANY easy strategies have been formed for the raids using them. It isn't called the boss killer for nothing.

Really though as long as you have at least one solid Exotic weapon you are good with and weapons to match shields to burn through them you don't need Gjallarhorn. Any tracking and/or "grenades and horseshoes" rocket launcher can fill its place well enough to get by.

Baka-akaB1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

When you try to pair up with strangers of course they'll first use criteria such as whose better equipped , it's something that happened in any mmo or anything remotely looking like a mmo in he way equipment is handled . It's human nature to react that way ... and even then not everyone is that exclusive .

And there were people that outright refused to compromise and at least get more common and "low cost" weapons with the equivalent tracking options . Of course those people get dropped uncompromisingly , when there is a whole easier strategy in place for bosses because of those weapon features

It's like asking people to not actively seek out the warriors with the best sword and armor , if they are out there , and to settle for the average , however dumb the system to loot said equipement is .

Never had that issue before getting this gun when solely raiding with friends ... precisely because they are friends , not random numbskulls

FamilyGuy1249d ago

I have 3 and will raid with anyone, regardless of whether they have one or not.

rezzah1249d ago

Those who say this weapon is obtained only by skill are those who lack it.

Neonridr1247d ago

When did you ever need a Ghorn for the Vault of Glass? Aside from the Templar and the Gatekeepers when would you even fire a rocket launcher to begin with in there? Besides, a Sniper Rifle is more valuable for that raid.

With Crota, sure a Ghorn is nice for the end, but hardly required. Any tracking rocket launcher is perfectly adequate. More than enough people have Ghorn, it's not like you need 5 people shooting Crota with a Ghorn, hell 2 people is enough most of the time.

Now that Skolas has no burns, the Ghorn is less effective and since the fight is more about patience, you don't need it.

It's nice to have, but hardly required anymore. Maybe back when the 32 Crota raid first existed, but now that raid is such a joke that ghorn is definitely not a requirement.

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Drithe1249d ago

This is hands down the greatest FPS ever made. Don't listen to these numbnuts. Want to know why millions play this game and millions more come to it every day?

Ask them.

pompombrum1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

Lmfao, I still can't decide whether comments like this are trolls or shills. Yeah, ask the "millions" who are essentially hooked on digital crack and completely ignore the actual millions who have ditched the game and have no intention of wanting to return. Heck, even the majority of those who still play say as much negative things about the game as positive.

WeAreLegion1249d ago

I honestly can't tell if that guy's trolling, either. Destiny is a beautifully crafted game, but holy crap did Bungie forget to make it fun.

FamilyGuy1249d ago

Destiny is fun, it's the most fun I've had with any FPS to date. The controlls are just perfect and the abilities set it apart from the CoD games. Grinding is monotonous but if you're playing for the fun with friends or in the crucible it's shouldn't be hard to see why people are still playing this game.

It's not "perfection" but they do listen to the community and make changes and updates based on player feedback more than any other game I've seen (that doesn't have a monthly subscription).

I don't get why people think it's a "bad game".

WizzroSupreme1249d ago

Bungie sure knows how to make swag.

jmac531249d ago

I am swimming in Gjallahorns like Scrooge McDuck. I usually save them to deconstruct into an exotic shard when I need them.

Tex1171249d ago

Yes, it is stupid that it is hard getting a raid group withouth a ghorn.

But it just saves time. You can be an average to bad player, but if you have a ghorn, there is likely some strategy that will utilize the space on the team.

A person without the ghorn may be a far better player, but why take that chance?

You just want to get through something as quick as possible.