E3 2015 Wasn't as Good as the Games Industry Would Like You to Believe

NDTV says: "For fans, it was the most relevant edition of the event in the longest time. But behind the showmanship and the hype, there are some things video game publishers would prefer you didn't pay attention to, no matter how important they might be to you. Here's what you need to know."

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ShugaCane1275d ago

"The three big announcements were the re-reveal The Last Guardian for the PS4, Final Fantasy VII which would be remade for PS4 and PC, and Shenmue 3. However, none of these came with firm release dates, making us wonder if these have been announced too soon."

Too soon ? FF VII was first spectulated in 2005 with the tech demo for the PS3. The Last Guardian was first announced in 2009. And for Shenmue, it's a kickstarter so they needed to start raising funds to make the game.

I get what you mean, but the fact that now we know for sure these games are under development is a good thing. It's up to us no to expect them to be out immediatly.

Plus, this E3 was filled with amazing games : MGS V and Tomb Raider releasing this year, Fallout, Horizon, Cuphead and the list goes on.

It's been a long time that E3 hasn't been able to catalyze excitment and enthusiasm as much as this one did. So let's enjoy it.

Brotard1274d ago

@ sugarcane The first quote you put is ridiculous, you are right those games needed to be revealed. To start the craze and hype for them. Because they were special in the case that they almost over stayed their welcome. And if you thought e3 was good then it was probably good to you. Don't let somebody you don't know tell you you didn't enjoy something.

Lon3wolf1274d ago

? Bit confused by the minus points on XBone BC, like you need the disc in at all times to play so just like all games you install from disc that are for the machine i.e. I can't play destiny or MCC without the discs being in?

Not getting any upgraded versions of your 360 games either, really, do you expect them to re-code the games which would be a remaster and not BC?

Bigpappy1274d ago

The industry didn't tell me that e3 was great. As an Xbox owner it was selfevident

SmokingMonkey1274d ago

I'm so tired of this.

Why do people think That FF7r, Shenmue3 and TLG are the only things announced?

Horizon ZD, my game of show

Dreams! everyone forgets for some reason.

RIGS was actually kind of cool if you look closely, reminds me of Virtual On.

example of RIGS being cool;

A game mode where you have to kill three players then score a touchdown or goal.

I thought Gigantic looked really good for X! as well.

hamburgerhill1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Forgive me im a bit of topic:

I remember a time when I was able to buy a DVD set with every game demo or trailer of e3 on it for that year. Does anybody know if this is still possible and if so where to purchase it? E3 is packed with so many hidden gems across the board.

tanukisuit1274d ago

Wow, first time I heard about this. Did they have DVDs for the more recent E3s (2014, 2013, etc.)???

hamburgerhill1274d ago

Yeah they came in a disc set and I mean it was packed with every thing. I remember watching HalfLife 2 over and over again with friends just to let people know how far gaming had come at that time. I'm going to do some digging and if I can find it I will post the name of the company that may still be doing this.

hamburgerhill1274d ago

Oh and I haven't seen them for sale in a long time maybe 5 years.

blady_man1274d ago

I used to get them when buying a magazine in the shop!!

Yetter1274d ago

nah, youtube fills this need now

baraka0071274d ago

Depressed people just can't stand that anyone is enjoying themselves. How many of you tried to have a chat about games on twitch only to be drown out by people saying terrible things about everything and everyone...? Even a 9 year old child on stage at the Nintendo championships was called some of the worst names I've ever heard. :( Shameful! If anything needs to change in gaming it's all you haters... You're what the industry doesn't need.

tanukisuit1274d ago

Yeah, it's disgusting the amount of comments I had to ignore for all the major conferences. After the Bethesda one, I just full-screened everything (completely obscuring the chat rooms).

SegaGamer1274d ago

I agree. I really loved E3, it was the most enjoyable one i have seen. Every press conference had something great to show. I don't understand why some people are so pessimistic about the announcements. I guess some people are never happy no matter what they see, they will always look for the negatives.

700p1274d ago

I agree with your statement Baraka. BUT now I gotta hop on mortal kombat x and fight you.

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