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The Joker is dead. Batman’s most iconic and volatile enemy is out of the picture. So how good can a Batman game be without him? As it turns out, it can be extremely good. The struggle between Batman and his erstwhile nemesis can actually be a stumbling block in the way of some much more interesting stories regarding the Dark Knight, but TV, film and comics insist on dragging the clown prince of crime back from the dead for the sake of a more immediately attractive story.

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I-Hate-usernames1246d ago

So is it better than arkham city ?

asmith23061246d ago

I thought Arkham Asylum was better than Arkham City.

I-Hate-usernames1246d ago

Both are good but i prefer arkham city. Arkham origins is the worst.

deadpoolio3161246d ago

Arkham Origins was better than Arkham City from a story stand point...Its not hard to be better than City